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Is That Wood Rot or Just Mold around Your Windows?

wood rot on windowsMold and wood rot are both produced by fungi, but one is more dangerous to wood than the other. While mold is unhealthy, it will not break down wood like wood rot does. However, because mold also requires moisture to form, its presence is a warning that wood rot could happen.

It is easy to spot the differences between mold and wood rot. Wood rot presents as decay, and mold presents as discoloration, usually black or white.

Wood rot is a dangerous but avoidable condition often found in the wood of older houses. Windows are a particular trouble spot and must be checked for wood rot often.At All-Weather, we have seen it all when it comes to wood rot in Kansas City area homes! Our first priority is helping our clients identify wood rot before it becomes a detrimental issue for your home.

Wood Rot and How to Spot It

Wood rot is exactly what it sounds like: the decay of wood caused by fungi. If the wood around your windows is decaying, that’s a sure indication of wood rot, but it isn’t always visible. We suggest that you press your fingers into the wood. If it feels soft or crumbles, wood rot is below the outer surface of the wood.

What You Can Do About Wood Rot

There are four conditions necessary for rot to occur: wood, oxygen, warmth, and moisture. While fungi is what causes rot, it will not affect your wood if all four of the above aren’t present. Once rot has started, you should replace any wood that is too damaged and use borate products to treat new and old wood. Borate products, like BoraCare and TimBor, work as a fungicide and come in either liquid or powder forms.

Preventing and Avoiding Wood Rot

The key to avoiding wood rot is in eliminating moisture. Of course, it’s impossible to completely avoid moisture from coming into contact with your windows, but there are a few ways you can minimize it so that fungi cannot thrive:

  • Paint the Wood: Painting the wood will act as a barrier against water and moisture. This way, you can let your windows get wet without worrying that the water will seep into the wood.
  • Remove Standing Water: Remove any standing water (for example, water that pools around your windows during rain storms).
  • Promote Good Airflow: Maintaining a good airflow is crucial because the faster your wood can dry, the less chance it has of producing wood rot.

If you find the wood on your windows rotting your home, call us at (913) 648-9589 or schedule an appointment online to see how we can help you with a new window installation.

Why You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring To Replace Your Windows

window-replacement-winter-months-all-weatherIf you think you have to wait until the weather is warm to install new windows, think again. Not only can you benefit from tax rebates before the end of the year, you can also start saving money on your heating bills!  

Many homeowners assume it’s too cold for installation, but this is a common misconception. All-Weather is breaking down how this process takes place during the cold winter months and how it can benefit you.

How Your Current Windows Are Costing You Money

It’s old news that older models of windows are not energy-efficient. Over the past five years, there has been a revolution in housing materials due to America’s commitment to reduce its overall carbon footprint. To ensure these numbers are lower, the government has encouraged new patented products to become part of their Energy Star program. Simply put, the higher the Energy Star rating, the lower your utility bills will be. When your home is using less energy to heat or cool it, the overall carbon footprint is reduced, plus you save money on utility bills.

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How Winter Window Installation Works

If you think that snow will be blowing into your home from every opening during your winter window installation, think again. We work hard to ensure that your home is not freezing cold while we are installing your windows, and this begins with only working on one window at a time.

We close off and isolate the room we are working on while the rest of the home remains warm and comfortable. Of course, if there are blizzard-type conditions that mean your home could be compromised, we will reschedule our services.

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Scheduling Is Easier in the Winter Months

Psst.. want to know a secret? The window installation industry typically lowers window pricing in wintertime and it is much easier to schedule an appointment because homeowners typically assume that you can’t during winter months. However, unlike certain types of construction, window installation is easy any time of the year.

Another advantage is that there are rebates available at federal, state, and sometimes local taxation levels. In some cases, having your windows installed by the end of 2016 means that you will get a tax deduction or rebate for all or part of your install.

Want to know more about having your windows replaced? Give us a call at (913) 262-4380 or contact us online today!

6 Steps to Prepare Your Home & Wallet For Winter

Winter is around the corner, which means now is the best time to prepare your home for the upcoming colder months. Our winter savings and comfort checklist will help you lower your utility bills, protect your house, and keep your family warm all season long. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Here’s a great tip if your ceiling fans are equipped with a reverse switch. Once you’ve turned your furnace on for the winter, use your fan’s reverse switch to run the fan’s blades in a clockwise direction. This will create an updraft and push down the warm air from the ceiling into the room. This is especially helpful if your home has high ceilings!

2. Check Your Roof and Gutters

removing leaves from guttersLook for damaged, missing or loose shingles and have them repaired as soon as possible. This will prevent leakage during a winter storm or from melting snow. Additionally, remove any leaves, pine needles or other debris from your roof as this promotes deterioration of the shingles.

Don’t forget to clean the gutters as well! A clogged gutter will cause water to back up on the house, damaging your roof, siding, and wood trim. A gutter full of debris can also cause ice dams and leakage.

3. Check Windows and Doors

window replacement for winter in kansas cityCheck the upper and lower sash of all windows, including storm windows, to make sure they are locked. This may seem obvious, but many homeowners forget to lock their windows and sometimes even to close them. This can result in extremely high energy bills and safety issues.

Another important step is to thoroughly clean your window sills and weep holes. Closing windows with debris in the sills can damage the window and leave small gaps for cold air to come in. Now is also the ideal time to clean the outdoor glass on your windows before it gets too cold to do so. This will also allow more sunlight to shine through, which will aid in warming your home throughout the cold winter months.

Check your doors for drafts. Since doors expand in the heat and contract in the cold, small gaps can occur in the winter, allowing cold air to come in and warm air to go out. If you can’t seem to find where the cold is coming from, turn off the lights in your home during the day and check for light coming through around the edges of your door. If light is coming through, chances are that’s where the cold is coming in as well. The best way to solve this issue is to replace the door altogether.

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4. Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

This is something every homeowner should do at this time of year! During a tune-up, a licensed technician will make small adjustments, such as lubricating moving parts, inspecting and cleaning condensate drains, and testing the unit’s starting capabilities. Small problems can be detected before they turn into larger, more expensive repairs. Regular maintenance also leads to fewer unexpected breakdowns.

5. Call a Chimney Sweep

A professional chimney sweep will ensure your chimney and vents are clean and in good condition. This will prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. They’ll also make sure your chimney isn’t letting in cold air, which will reduce your utility bills and increase comfort!

For more information regarding replacement windows, entry doors, storm doors, and storm windows, please contact All-Weather today!

3 Common Causes of a Drafty Home & How to Spot Them


There are many reasons why you may experience drafts throughout your house, but how do you fix the issue? Get to the root of the issue and be prepared for the oncoming winter by checking these different areas:

1. Outdated Windows & Doors

How old are your windows or doors? Every window and door wears out over time, with wood frames warping, causing gaps in some spots and tighter squeezes in others. This leaves room for air that’s meant to stay outside to come in. This not only leads to a drafty home, but also a rise in energy bills.

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2. Gaps Around Outlets & Fixtures

Check around your electrical outlets and light fixtures, especially around recessed lights. These are some of the common places where air seeps into a room. Also, if you have a fireplace, you’ll want to be sure that the damper of your chimney is closed when the fireplace is not in use. When open, it leaves a wide open pathway for outside air.

3. Insufficient Attic Insulation

attic-insulation-causes-of-drafty-home-all-weather-kcIf you still cannot find the cause of the draft, the problem could be your attic insulation. Did you know that 90% of homes in the U.S. are under insulated? Most homeowners don’t think to assess this aspect of their home, but it could be costing you money and your comfort.

A properly insulated attic not only makes you more comfortable all year round, but it saves you money. Since heat rises, the hot air in your house in the winter goes up to the attic. If the heat is leaking out due to insufficient insulation, so is your warmth; and more of your hard-earned money is going toward energy bills.

How To Tell If My Attic Is Under Insulated

Here’s a good way to tell if your attic is under insulated: next time it snows, compare the rate of melting on your roof with your neighbors’ around you. If yours melts quicker, that is a sign that your attic is giving off warm air – air that should be keeping your family warm. Your drafty house problems could be caused by your lack of attic insulation.

Whatever you determine to be the cause of your drafty house, All-Weather can seal up any area, from the attic to windows to replacement doors. The company has been in business in Kansas City for over 30 years and knows all about making homes comfortable while keeping heating and cooling affordable all year round.

For more information on how we can help your drafty home, contact All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding or give us a call at (913) 262-4380.

Doug’s Top Tips to Keep Your Home Cozier This Winter

Winter Home Care TipsKansas City winters can be harsh and unforgiving. This year, don’t let the outside weather determine how comfortable you are in your own home. There are many factors that determine the comfort of your home, but many are small and easily overlooked. All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding’s President, Doug Bennett, lists off his top tips to keep your home cozy and comfortable this winter.

Reduce Window & Door Condensation

Condensation on windows and doors is often caused by poor insulation in these areas. It can also be a sign of high humidity levels. If your windows are in good shape but just have old glass, you might consider replacing the glass with more efficient energy saving low-E glass. If the condensation is between the panes, this is most likely due to a broken seal. We can replace the fogged glass with new clean class without having to replace the entire window in most cases.

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Replace Damaged Weather-Stripping

Weather-stripping is an effective way to seal those nooks and crannies around doors and windows. But if you are able to see sunlight peaking around your door, or it’s leaking cold air into your home, you might need to adjust the door or install new weather-stripping. Weather-stripping can get smashed over time and lose its effectiveness. We can service you door or weatherstripping, which is something many window, door and siding companies do not offer.

Make Sure Storm Windows Are Closed & Windows Are Locked

Storm windows add another layer to your home that cold breezes can’t penetrate. If yours are broken or missing, call our repair shop. We can repair your old ones, or make you new ones. If your sashes are not locked, the weatherstripping cannot do it’s job.

Close Fireplace Doors & Flue

Lastly, close the doors and flues to your fireplaces when they are not being used. This will help reduce the drafts and keep heat loss to a minimum. An open flue will suck the heat right up your chimney. But always check to make sure you open them before kindling up a fire. Closed fireplace flues, when a fire is burning, can cause smoke and ash to overcome your home.

Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding to increase the comfort of your home today at (913) 210 -8810 or (816) 673-2480.

Back to School Savings from All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding

All-Weather Back to School SpecialAs the kids head back to school, the house gets quieter during the day, and you have a little more time on your hands. This August, take advantage of All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding’s awesome Back to School Special! We are offering up some amazing deals this month as part of our 28-year anniversary sale.

Window Savings

When you come in to All-Weather this August, take advantage of our stellar window savings. Get $150 off of full frame window replacements and $75 off insert replacements. This is your chance to fix any drafty windows before fall settles in.

Door Savings

When it comes to the entrances in your home, save $200 off of custom painting and staining. Create that statement door you’ve always wanted, or finally get rid of those dings and stains on your backdoor.

Siding Savings

Save big time when it comes to our siding department. We are offering $1,500 off of siding services or free attic insulation. Install our easy maintenance siding or insulate your attic just in time for the cold season. Free insulation means you can save money on your energy bills this winter for virtually no cost! Whichever deal you choose, you’ll be pleased.

Make sure you print out this special coupon and bring it with you when you come in to either of our showrooms. The offer is only valid until the end of the month, so hurry in! Call us at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480 and schedule a free consultation.

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