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The Differences In Replacing Full-Frame & Pocket Insert Windows

window-caulking-all-weather-replacement-windows-kansas-cityWhether you decide to replace your windows to gain energy efficiency or because you have to replace a broken or rotted window, it will be a significant investment in your home. As with any investment, it’s important to look at all the options and make a choice that you will be pleased with for years to come. There are two different types of replacement window installations: full-frame and pocket insert and today, All-Weather is breaking them down for you:

The Difference Between Full-Frame & Pocket Insert Window Replacement

A full-frame installation means that the entire original window and frame are removed and a new window is installed. A pocket insert replacement means that a new window is set into an existing frame opening. There are some major differences between these two types of replacement windows you’ll need to understand before you can choose the best option for your home.

FAQs: Full-Frame Window Installation

  • When is full-frame replacement recommended? When older windows have deteriorated beyond repair, making insert window placement impossible, or when safety concerns are present, full-frame replacement windows are installed.

  • How is a full-frame replacement window installed? After removal of the entire window sash and frame, the installer checks for damage around the frame then seals any gaps and repairs any leaks or damage. Next, he preps the frame and sets the new window in the rough opening. Then the window is squared, insulated and cased with interior and exterior trim.

  • What are the advantages to this type of replacement window? Full-frame replacement gives maximum quality and energy efficiency because it is most like new construction with new casing, trim, and sills as well as flashing for water protection. Additionally, the glass viewing area is often larger with the new window because the exterior trim is minimized.

  • What are the disadvantages to this type of replacement window? Full frame replacement takes more time and costs more in labor and materials. In addition, after installation trim and sills must be stained or painted. In some cases, even walls will need to be repainted from removal of the old casing and trim.

FAQ’s: Pocket Insert Window Installation

  • full-frame-window-installation-replacement-all-weather-kcWhen is a pocket insert window recommended? Pocket insert windows are recommended when the existing frame is square, level, and in good condition. The existing opening must be structurally sound in order for the casing and trim to stay in place.

  • How is a pocket insert window installed? The installer removes the sash along with interior and exterior stops, then fills any spaces or gaps and preps the surface. The installer sets the insert window into the opening and insulates around it. The casing and trim remain in place so it is unlikely that staining or painting will be needed.

  • What are the advantages to this type of replacement window? Pocket Insert windows are quickly and easily installed with less labor and few materials, so the cost is reduced but many of the benefits for energy efficiency and a fresh look remain if the job is done correctly.

  • What are the disadvantages to this type of replacement window? Because pocket windows are inset into the existing frame, there may be some loss of visible glass. In addition, new insulation cannot be added between the window frame and rough opening and water protection cannot be added to the sill.

Regardless of the type of replacement window you choose, the certified installers from All-Weather will help you rest easy knowing that the job is done right. We guarantee our work and pride ourselves on our quality products, so contact us today for a free consultation.

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