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4 Money Saving Features to Look for When Choosing New Windows

saving-money-on-window-replacements-all-weather-kansas-cityIf you’re living in an older home and trying to improve its energy efficiency, investing in new windows is one of the smartest moves you can make.

A houseful of new windows does require an initial investment, it’s true, but there are ways to offset that with available money-saving features you can look for while choosing new windows.

Trust the Energy Star Rating

energy-star-label-energy-efficient-windows-all-weather-kcYou’ve seen the Energy Star rating on appliances, but did you know that the EPA’s Energy Star program applies to windows, too? This Energy Star rating signifies that the product you are looking at is an energy-efficient and environmentally responsible option. Buying Energy Star rated windows means you’re getting windows that are guaranteed to save energy and money by improving your home’s energy “envelope”.

Performance criteria for windows are based on ratings certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). If a window is Energy Star certified for your climate, it means that it’s been manufactured by an Energy Star partner that has been independently and rigorously tested to meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Money-Saving Features to Look For:


1. Double Pane Windows

Making the switch from single to double pane windows will double your home’s thermal efficiency. These windows have a small space between two panes of glass which creates a dehydrated air pocket that can be filled with an inert gas to increase thermal efficiency, and reduce your energy loss by up to 50%.

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2. Triple Pane Windows

Even better, triple pane windows have two spaces (one between each pane) to create two dehydrated air or gas-filled pockets. Because of the extra pane, these windows can reduce your energy loss by 70-80%. They are engineered to be stronger than double pane windows in order to support the additional pane, which means you’ll need a stronger frame to install this type of window.

3. Add Additional Inert Gases

In some cases, paned windows may only be filled with air. However, there is an option to fill those panes with inert gasses such as Argon. These inert gasses don’t transfer heat as easily as air does, which means adding these will enhance the thermal efficiency of double and triple pane windows. Also, this feature is very effective in slowing down sound transmission in homes on busy streets or in high-traffic areas. These gasses are safe, inexpensive, and readily available, which makes them an easy energy saver for homeowners who are aware of this option.

4. Consider a Window Coating

Various coatings can also be added to enhance thermal performance such as a Low-E coating. Adding a coating, for example, Low-E coating, in a double pane window increases the window’s insulating capacity and increases its energy efficiency by 35%. There are many different types of Low-E coating available, some that are more geared toward solar control, and others are more geared toward UV protection. In order to choose the best option for your home, we suggest having a professional from All-Weather come out and help. We assess several different factors in your home to make sure you’re choosing the most efficient option for the best price.

Whatever options you choose, new energy-efficient windows will help you save both energy and money since windows account for up to half of a home’s heat gain in winter and cooling loss in summer. Once you’ve picked your new windows, make sure they’re properly installed by professionals, because without proper installation your efforts (and dollars) will be wasted. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and have served over 40,000 happy, satisfied customers since our inception! We’ll help you save money and select the best window options for your home.

If you’re thinking about installing new energy-efficient windows in your Kansas City home, contact us at All-Weather Windows, Doors, and Siding. 

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