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10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Front Door

An entry door is not something you replace very often. You may only purchase one a handful of times in your life, so it makes sense that most people don’t know what to expect with door replacement. What will the company handle and what will you be expected to do? Whether you buy your door from one of the big box stores or a small business in town, make sure you ask these ten questions before you decide to buy. You’ll be so glad you did. Sometimes the cheapest option ends up costing way more than you wanted in time and hassle.  At All-Weather, we take care of everything so all you have to do is enjoy your new front door.

1. Do They Paint the Entry Door? 

This one is huge. You may not realize it, but painting your door is not part of the deal with the big box stores. Sure, they install the door, but that’s it. Now you’re left with a door you have to paint or stain yourself…big hassle! At All-Weather, we can provide factory finishing in many popular colors. We also offer custom painted doors, matched to your paint code. This process is done in a controlled environment and avoids the mess and inconvenience of painting at your home.

2. Can I See What It Will Look Like on my House before I Buy It?

That would be ideal when you’re choosing the door, but unfortunately, not many companies offer this service. You just have to guess what your door will look like once installed. It’s a little too late once it’s installed to change your mind. At All-Weather, we have software that can use pictures of the front of your house to show you what it will look like with a new door.

3. Does the Installation Include New Trim?

Many times, when you replace a door, you also want to change the casing (trim around your door). Or sometimes, the trim gets damaged when removing the old door or installing the new door. We install new interior and exterior casing/trim to match your door so it all looks great.

4. What Kind of Warranty Do They Provide?

Most companies warranty the door for a year. Some don’t provide any warranty. At All-Weather, we warranty our installation for five years. Our warranties always beat the competition because our doors are quality doors made to stand the test of time.

 5. Will It Have An Adjustable Threshold?

The threshold is the wood strip on the ground under the door. Many of these are fixed in place and cannot be adjusted. When we install a threshold, it’s adjustable so it can be raised to give a snugger fit against the bottom of the door to reduce drafts and provide better energy savings

6. Will The Door and Frame Be Insulated?

Any opening in your home, door or window, is a potential place for energy to escape. We spray foam insulation around your door and frame to provide an extra barrier against air and water. Not every company takes this extra step.

7. Will They Reinstall my Storm Door?

If you have a storm door, it will have to be removed during installation. Since today’s doors are not as drafty and are much more resistant to the weather, most of our new doors do not require a storm door. We can reinstall your old storm door if you want, help you choose a new one, or even add a retractable screen that you open only when you need it and it stays hidden from view when not in use.

8. Will They Install My Doorbell?

Many doorbell buttons are attached to the door frame. When the frame is removed, so is your doorbell. We typically can replace your doorbell button on the new frame if it was attached to your previous door frame. We will install a replacement if you provide one. If you want to add a new camera doorbell we can coordinate with an electrician to provide this service for you. Other companies may not offer this service.

9. Will They Haul Away Your Old Entry Door?

Many companies replace your old door and leave you with the old one. What the heck do you do with an old door? It’s big and bulky and won’t fit in a garbage container. With some companies, that’s your problem to deal with. All-Weather hauls away your old door and recycles it for you.

10. Will They Install a Peephole or Will That Void the Warranty?

Some people like the peephole a little lower than the standard height. We can install a peephole in your door at your eye level, even if you’re vertically challenged, and we don’t void the warranty like some other companies do.

At All-Weather, you can choose from entry doors by Andersen, Provia, and ThermaTru.  All of these are quality brands that will last for years. We don’t just specialize in doors and installation, we also specialize in customer service. That’s why more than half of our customers are repeat customers. Because we are a smaller, local company, we can go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. We don’t have corporate telling us what we can and can’t do for our customers. We know what it takes to make you happy and we simply do it.

Replacing your entry door? Call us at (913) 648-9589 or contact us online and let us show you what a difference quality and customer service can make!

Replacement Window Frames

The Best Material for Replacement Window Frames? It’s Not an Open & Shut Case

Replacement Window FramesIf you’re in the market for replacement windows in Kansas City, you no doubt have a lot of questions. One of those is probably, “Which kind of window frame is best – wood, aluminum, vinyl, composite, or fiberglass?” At All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding, we’re used to getting these kinds of questions. There is no simple answer because it changes for each homeowner. We dove a little deeper into the differences between our Andersen replacement window frames and summarized it below. Hopefully, this will help you make the right decision for your home and your budget.

6 Types of Window Frames Compare

1. Solid Wood: It’s been at the core of Andersen products for over 100 years. Wood provides strength and rigidity in both frames and sashes. Wood is mostly chosen for its beauty because it can be stained to match existing interior woodwork. Many homeowners prefer the natural look of wood and its overall thermal performance is hard to beat.

Pros & Cons – Great insulator against heat and cold, but it’s costly, requires maintenance, and is subject to swelling and contracting.


2. Aluminum: Aluminum provides a virtually maintenance-free exterior that resists the elements.It is strong, affordable, and low-maintenance, but conducts heat and cold, so it isn’t the most energy-efficient frame. It is also not the most aesthetically pleasing material for frames.

Pros & Cons – Strong, affordable, low-maintenance, but not as energy efficient or attractive as others.


3. Vinyl: Vinyl on its own provides an excellent low-maintenance exterior for any window and is available in a wide variety of colors. Where Andersen has innovated with vinyl is by using it as a protective cladding for its wood core windows. See below.

Pros & Cons – Affordable and low-maintenance, but color may fade over time.


4. Clad: The most expensive type, with wood frames inside and aluminum or vinyl shell on the outside; wood frame helps minimize the transfer of heat and cold, while the exterior shell makes the window low-maintenance.

Pros & Cons – Expensive, but very low maintenance and energy efficient.


5. Fiberglass Fiberglass is a tough, weather-resistant material. They are maintenance free and can be combined with beautiful wood interior frames.

Pros & Cons – durable, maintenance free, lightweight, energy efficient.


6. Composites: Composites are new materials created to combine the best attributes of several materials. Composite windows are stronger and more durable than wood and vinyl, and can be painted to match a home’s decor.The price falls between wood and vinyl. Andersen’s Fibrex® composite window frames are two times as strong as vinyl, perform better when exposed to extreme temperatures and deliver exteriors that won’t fade, flake, blister or peel.

Pros & Cons – moderate price, extremely strong and durable, low maintenance, energy efficient, can be painted


We know it’s a lot of information, so start by prioritizing the benefits that you value the most. This will help you narrow down the field and make a final decision easier. If you have any questions or want to talk to an expert about replacement windows, give us a call at (913) 648-9589 or contact us online.


Choosing Windows that Match Your Style and Your Budget

window/styleWhether you are building a new home or if you are thinking about replacing your current windows, there are many factors to consider.

For most homeowners, the top concern is cost, but style is also an important factor. All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding shares our tips for choosing a window that meets all of your criteria.

Complement or Clash?

Not every style of window fits with the décor of your home. Because of this, it’s important to look for a window style that complements both the interior and exterior of your home. If you’re unsure, check with your installer, after all they are experts in this field! We also recommend checking out All-Weather’s Style Guide: 112 Ways to Make Your Home’s Windows Stand Out.

Window Composition: Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum, Fiberglass

Do you want wood or vinyl composite material, aluminum, or fiberglass? Again, the style of your house will be a consideration in selecting the composition of your new windows. However, many of the newer materials last a lifetime with little maintenance.

Energy-Efficient Windows

To save money and conserve energy, today’s homeowner must consider energy-efficient windows. Something to keep in mind is the direction that each window faces and what effect the sun and elements may have in heating or cooling your home. For example, south facing windows will allow more sunshine to warm the home, but it may be too much of a good thing during the summer months. We recommend looking for the ENERGY STAR® label, to ensure your new windows are doing their best to keep your home efficient.

Related Read: All-Weather Helps Homeowners with Energy Savings – A Project Recap

Protection from the Sun’s UV Rays

Exposure to UV rays can be harmful to your home’s furniture and finishes. Eliminating as much exposure to the sun will reduce the fading in your home’s curtains, carpet, hardwood flooring, furniture, and more. When choosing new windows, consider an option that keeps UV ray penetration to a minimum.

Installation is Key

Just as with other home investments, your installation is extremely important. We recommend finding a certified and experienced installer. Not sure who meets that criteria? Ask for references and recommendations.

Keep these tips handy when you are shopping for your home’s windows. Interested in speaking with a professional to about the right windows for your home? Give the All-Weather team a call today at (913) 262-4380.


3 Causes of Broken or Cracked Windows & How to Fix Them

impact-break-broken-window-replacement-all-weather-kansas-cityThere’s nothing worse than sitting at your kitchen table having coffee one morning and noticing a small crack in your sunny kitchen window! Next, you ask yourself questions like: How’d that happen? and more importantly, how the heck am I going to fix that?

A broken or cracked window is an all-too common occurrence with a variety of different causes. However, regardless of what caused the damage, it needs to be addressed, and the sooner the better. Why? That cracked or broken window is not just an eyesore, it’s costing you money every day as it leaks precious energy from your home. So, what’s next? Let’s look at some of the causes & solutions:

Causes of Stress Cracks

stress-crack-window-replacement-all-weather-kansas-cityA stress crack in an insulated glass window is a crack that starts small, near the edge of the window, and often continues to grow and spread across the glass. Extreme fluctuations in temperature are the most common cause of small thermal stress cracks. For instance, when it’s a cold day and you crank your heat up drastically to stay warm.

This is the same for the outside temperature as well. If the outside temperature drops suddenly, your window can crack, much like a hot dish can crack if you fill it with cold water or how ice cubes crackle when you drop them in warmer water. A stress crack can also occur from windows falling or slamming them shut, so be gentle.

Causes of Impact Breaks

impact-break-window-broken-all-weather-kansas-cityAn impact break is just what it sounds like — a broken window caused by a neighborhood ballgame hit gone astray, a rock propelled by a weed eater or a lawn mower, or a golf swing gone wrong if you live on a golf course. These are usually characterized and easily identifiable due to the starburst pattern that radiates outward from the point of impact.

Important Safety Note: If you experience an impact break in your home, clean up any glass that may be on your floor, but DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE REMAINING BROKEN GLASS YOURSELF. Please, leave this to a professional to avoid any injuries.

Causes of Pressure Cracks

pella-pressure-stress-crack-window-replacement-kansas-city-all-weatherPressure cracks are less common and always seem to come out of nowhere. Most commonly seen in insulated glass, or double-paned windows, pressure cracks can be caused by drastic pressure system changes in the weather or when windows are installed at too high or too low of an elevation level. These cracks tend to curve in the shape of an hourglass and will most likely result in a complete window replacement.

How to Fix Your Broken or Cracked Window

While replacing the glass can work in some situations, it’s only a temporary fix for most. To ensure these issues are completely resolved and won’t happen again, we suggest having a certified professional replace the window altogether. Don’t worry! While this solution may seem like the pricier option, leaving this problem unresolved will wind up costing you much more in energy bills as those cracks leave a way for air to come and go as it pleases.

That small crack is only going to get worse over time, so don’t wait any longer! Give the experts at All-Weather a call at (913) 262-4380 or schedule an appointment online today. For more helpful homeowner information, check out our blog!


Top 3 Things to Consider Before Window Replacement


Window replacement is a big deal. First of all, no matter who you go with, it’s a big investment. Secondly, it’s going to be permanent. Once they are installed, you will have them for as long as you live in that home. That could be decades, but most likely, at the very least, years. So it’s worth spending a little extra time and research before deciding who will install them and what kind of windows you want installed. The three biggest considerations can be summarized as when, what, and who.

1. When Is the Best Time of Year for Window Installation in Kansas City?

Most people think  of window replacement too late. When the weather starts to get cool and the winds start pushing that cold air through the leaky windows into their homes, they think, “Oh, yeah. These windows are terrible. We should have them replaced.” We can definitely replace windows in the winter, but we can’t keep all the cold air out. The best time to have windows installed is late spring and early fall when temperatures in Kansas City are the most moderate. 

It is worth remembering that in addition to weather conditions, the selection of materials and availability, will also play a role in scheduling, so don’t put it off if you want it done in a timely manner. Spring and fall are the busiest times for window replacement companies because the weather is ideal. 

2. What Kind of Windows Should I Choose? 

Once the decision has been made to replace your windows, you have to decide what kind of windows you want. There are two important qualities to look for:

Energy Efficiency
One of the most important features of a window is its energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows guarantee less heat loss, which means lower heating bills. The heat transfer coefficient (U-value) determines the thermal insulation of a window –  the lower it is, the more thermally insulating the window, so look for a low U-value when comparing.

Acoustic Insulation
The second thing you should consider when choosing windows is acoustic insulation. Your walls and windows are the barrier between you and the outside world with all of its wind-blowing, horn-honking, and dog barking revelry. By choosing good quality products, you can muffle the sounds coming from the outside. Soundproofing is determined by the Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) scale, where the higher the STC, the better the unit is at blocking sound, so look for a high STC when comparing.

3. Which Company Should I Choose for Window Installation?

You can buy the best and most expensive windows on the market, but if the installation  company doesn’t do the job right, your windows won’t give you what you paid for. In fact, the company you hire is more important than the type of window you buy, so do your homework and choose very carefully. Price alone is not the only thing to consider. Look at customer testimonials, reviews online, and company guarantees/warranties. Also look at how long have they been in business and how long they have been in the market? In addition, you can ask to see the company’s certificates to make sure they are licensed, insured, and up to date. 

If you’re looking for the right window installation company in Kansas City Metro, you don’t have to look any further than All-Weather Windows, Doors, and Siding. We have been installing windows in the Kansas City area for over 30 years and we have over 40,000 satisfied customers.

Call us at (913) 648-9589 or visit our showroom at 7710 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Overland Park

Top 3 Mistakes Homeowners Make with Outdoor Holiday Decorating


Decorating tor the holidays can be fun. Most people have indoor decorating down pretty well. But when it comes to outdoor decorating, things can get a bit trickier. To make matters worse, your decor is on display for the whole world to see, not just visitors you invite into your home. Make sure you’re not guilty of these top three outdoor decorating mistakes:

Not Considering the Entire Area

If you hang a wreath on your front door and call it good, you’re missing an opportunity to create an impressive holiday welcome. Hang that wreath, but step back and take a wide-angle view of your entrance…the whole entrance, not just your door. Consider flanking the door with urns filled with greenery and festive bows. Frame your door with a lighted garland to add a warm glow at night. Hang a sign on the wall or place one in the yard. Prop an old sled up in the corner. Keep the colors and style fairly consistent. Consider a theme – Victorian, rustic, bright, woodsy, etc. If you need ideas, simply troll on Pinterest. You’d be surprised how easy it is to create an HGTV-worthy design that would make a perfect backdrop for holiday photos.

Using the Wrong Size for Outdoor Decorations

Amateur decorators often don’t consider the size of the space when decorating. If you have a larger-than-normal entryway, your wreaths, garland, urns, and other decorations need to fill the space. Otherwise, they look puny and wimpy. If you need to fill a large space, think about adding a charming bench with pillows, a sleigh filled with faux presents, an oversized lantern, or lighted trees. Just make sure everything is secured or weighted so it doesn’t blow away in strong winter winds.

Forgetting about Safety

Sometimes, in an effort to make everything look as festive as possible, extension cords are draped, dragged, tucked, and secured in ways that can cause both tripping and fire hazards. Make sure walkways are clear and only extension cords rated for outdoor use are used. Also, make sure electrical cords are not in water or snow. Never use a nail, tack, or staple to hold an extension cord in place!

Happy Holidays from All-Weather! Let us know how we can help you create the entryway of your dreams with new windows, doors, or siding. Call us at (913) 648-9589 or visit our showroom at 7710 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Overland Park.

Window Replacement – Pros and Cons of Total or Partial Home Installation


You know your windows are old and need to be replaced. It’s a big investment, so you want to make sure you do it right. But you have questions. Should I bite the bullet and replace them all? Can I just replace a few windows? Are there drawbacks to piece-mealing the project? Can I afford to replace all of my windows at once?  So many questions. That’s why All-Weather is here. We’ll answer those questions and give you an idea of your options so you can make the best decision for your home and your budget. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

Typically, you won’t need to replace your windows for 20-30 years, depending on the quality and installation of the original windows. But there are certain scenarios that may require you to replace them sooner:

  • A windowpane has been cracked
  • The frame around the interior or exterior is damaged
  • You feel a draft around your window
  • Your windows leak
  • There’s condensation between the panes
  • House renovations inspired a differently-shaped window design
  • Your windows aren’t properly insulated
  • Your windows weren’t properly installed

Is Window Replacement an All-or-Nothing Deal?

No. You have several options. You can replace every window in your home at once, replace a full floor, or replace a single window. There are pros and cons to replacing your windows one at a time, and the decision of how to proceed really comes down to you, your preferences, and your budget.

Pros of Whole-Home Window Replacement

  • You’ll usually save money by replacing all of your windows at once because discounts are provided to bulk purchases 
  • You only have a single disruption to your life for installation 
  • You can be assured that all of your windows and frames will match exactly for the best curb appeal. (Sometimes, after a few years, manufacturers can change their products.)

Cons of Whole-Home Window Replacement

  • It’s more expensive to do all at once
  • You will have window projects going on in every room

If you’re a Kansas City Metro resident and you’re experiencing window woes, don’t hesitate to contact All-Weather Windows, Doors, and Siding. We can provide some quotes and help you decide which approach is best for you. We also offer convenient financing options to help with the budget. 

Call us today at (913) 648-9589 or visit our showroom at 7710 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Overland Park.


3 Exterior Upgrades to Improve Your Home’s Value

When it comes to the exterior of your home, like our name implies, All-Weather Windows, Doors & Siding has you covered. Windows, doors and siding all improve the look and the value of your home. Whether you’re updating, upgrading, or getting ready to sell, we can help make your home more beautiful and valuable. Here’s a quick rundown of the products we carry. Each one comes with our experienced installation crews so you can depend on a job well done.  

Exterior Doors 

Exterior doors serve two purposes – beauty and safety. We carry doors from three different manufacturers, Andersen, Wincore, and ThermaTru. We chose these manufacturers because their doors are energy efficient with low maintenance. From entry doors to patio doors to storm doors, we’ve got you covered. The bottom line is…a beautiful entryway adds value to your Kansas City home! At All-Weather, we add value to your exterior door purchase. Read about 11 things you won’t get when you have a big box store install your exterior door

Siding Installation

Siding not only makes your home stylish, with the right material, it can also protect your exterior walls. We offer three types of siding to cover all of our customers’ needs. We carry Diamond Kote siding, James Hardie fiber cement siding, and LP SmartSide siding and trim. Like our windows, the siding we carry is what we consider to be the best in the business. We know Kansas City homeowners want quality, durability and value and that’s exactly what we offer.

Window Replacement

The right window replacement can give your home a good boost in both value and utility. At All-Weather, we offer windows from Andersen and Wincore – two manufacturers we trust for quality and value. Our windows are beautiful, durable, and energy efficient. We are also Andersen Certified Window Installers so you know it will be installed correctly and last for decades.  

As your local home improvement contractor, All-Weather Windows, Doors, and Siding is here for all of your needs. For over 30 years, we have served the KC metro area and now have a customer base of over 40,000 satisfied customers. We are proud of the reputation for quality we have built over those three decades. 

Call us at (913) 648-9589, visit our showroom at 7710 Shawnee Mission Parkway, or stop by our showroom at or request an appointment today!

4-Step Guide to Check and Seal Drafty Windows

As windows age, sun, wind, and weather temperature changes take their toll on the exterior. This can cause caulk to dry and crack which allows air and moisture into your home. Small cracks and crevices can become larger over time and your home becomes less and less cozy and energy efficient. So, how can you be sure that your windows are as energy-efficient as you think they are, and how can you reseal them if they aren’t? Here’s a guide that will walk you through the process of finding and sealing window leaks: 

How to Check and Seal Your Windows in 4 Steps

Gather these materials:

  • Candle or lighter  
  • Caulk softener
  • Putty knife
  • Towel or soft rag
  • Caulk gun
  • Tube of caulk

Step 1. Conduct a Flame Test to Find the Leaks

Pick a windy day and hold a lighter near the window seams. If the flame bends, it means there is a draft that is pulling it in that direction. Repeat this test with all of your windows and note which ones are leaking. Always be careful with an open flame.

Step 2. Inspect the Caulk around Your Windows

Exterior caulk tends to dry out in the summer heat and can create gaps and cracks that let in water and air. It’s a good idea to check all of your windows, even the ones that weren’t drafty, to see if the interior or exterior caulk (or both) are showing signs of degradation. Make a note of which windows need to be repaired.

Step 3. Remove Old Caulk

Before you can re-caulk the windows, you will need to remove the old caulk to ensure a good seal. Apply caulk softener to old caulking and let it soak for two hours. Using a putty knife, remove any loose caulk from the frame, the interior, and the exterior of your window. Creating a clean area to work with will eliminate the chance of new caulking coming loose and flaking off with older layers.

Step 4. Apply New Caulk

Using a towel or soft rag, clean the surface where you’ve removed the old caulk. You’ll want a dust-free surface for the new caulk to adhere. Cut the tip of the caulking tube at a 45-degree angle. Insert the tube into a caulking gun and gently apply pressure. Move the gun along the seams in a smooth motion. If you need to fill a larger gap, move more slowly to ensure the caulking fills the space adequately. Wet your finger and smooth out the caulk to give a clean, finished look. Let the caulk dry as directed in the instructions. 

TIP: Use a touch of liquid dish soap in the water before you dip your finger in to smooth the caulk. It will keep the caulk from sticking to your skin and make your finger glide more smoothly along the bead of caulk. 

4 Signs Your Home Needs Window Replacement

After inspecting your windows, you may wonder if it’s time to replace them. Here are some signs that your windows need to be replaced:

  • Your windows are 20 years or older
  • Your window panes or frames are cracked or damaged
  • Your window insulation is minimal or nonexistent
  • Your window is still drafty after replacing the caulk

Improve Your Windows with Help from All-Weather

At All-Weather, we’re window experts. We have been helping homeowners replace their windows for over 30 years and we’re proud of our reputation for excellence. We offer quality Wincore and Andersen windows. We are also Andersen Certified Window Installers so you know we’ll do it right.

Call us at (913) 648-9589 for any window, door, or siding help. Or visit our showroom at 7710 Shawnee Mission Parkway in Overland Park to see our products up close. We’ll be happy to give you a free estimate.

New Kitchen Windows – 3 Important Things to Consider

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. So is making changes to the kitchen like heart surgery? Well, it’s not that dramatic, but it is an important room because it is integral to your daily life and also a very busy space. You’ll want to consider many things before deciding what kind of windows to install or replace. Here are three major factors to consider:

An Opportunity to Add Natural Lighting

If your kitchen seems dark and dreary, now is the perfect opportunity to lighten it up! Having one or more large windows in your kitchen can make a huge difference. Bringing in more light will transform your gloomy kitchen into a warm, bright and inviting space. More light will even make the room seem larger. 

On a related note, if you could use more light, don’t stop with the window(s). Consider adding more light with a new door as well. A French door will serve as another window and will look beautiful as well. You get style and function in one fell swoop!

Get More Fresh Air

Every kitchen has a vent fan to help get rid of smoke and steam from cooking, but that won’t beat having kitchen windows that let fresh air in as well as bad air out. There’s nothing like throwing open a window and hearing the birds chirp in the morning either! If your window opens to a walkway, make sure to get a slider so it doesn’t interfere with people on the path when open.

Customize to Fit Your Needs 

Don’t forget you can customize your windows to fit your needs and wants perfectly. For example, you might want to consider having a window, or windows in lieu of the typical tile to serve as your sink’s backsplash. This could be a great way to bring in sunlight right where you need it and it will look amazing, too. If you enjoy plants, a garden window might be right up your alley. These windows create a small box that bumps out from your house like a mini greenhouse to allow for plants to receive lots of sunlight. Whatever window you choose, make sure it serves the purposes you need it to serve.

Think it through, look around, do your research. Make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to add something really special to your kitchen with a new window or two, or even a new door. At All-Weather Windows, Doors, and Siding, we can help you find the kitchen windows you want and install them perfectly. 

We can also handle other home improvement projects like doors and siding too. Give us a call at (913) 648-9589 in  Kansas and (816) 673-2480 in  Missouri, or request an appointment today.

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