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3 Common Causes of a Drafty Home & How to Spot Them


There are many reasons why you may experience drafts throughout your house, but how do you fix the issue? Get to the root of the issue and be prepared for the oncoming winter by checking these different areas:

1. Outdated Windows & Doors

How old are your windows or doors? Every window and door wears out over time, with wood frames warping, causing gaps in some spots and tighter squeezes in others. This leaves room for air that’s meant to stay outside to come in. This not only leads to a drafty home, but also a rise in energy bills.

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2. Gaps Around Outlets & Fixtures

Check around your electrical outlets and light fixtures, especially around recessed lights. These are some of the common places where air seeps into a room. Also, if you have a fireplace, you’ll want to be sure that the damper of your chimney is closed when the fireplace is not in use. When open, it leaves a wide open pathway for outside air.

3. Insufficient Attic Insulation

attic-insulation-causes-of-drafty-home-all-weather-kcIf you still cannot find the cause of the draft, the problem could be your attic insulation. Did you know that 90% of homes in the U.S. are under insulated? Most homeowners don’t think to assess this aspect of their home, but it could be costing you money and your comfort.

A properly insulated attic not only makes you more comfortable all year round, but it saves you money. Since heat rises, the hot air in your house in the winter goes up to the attic. If the heat is leaking out due to insufficient insulation, so is your warmth; and more of your hard-earned money is going toward energy bills.

How To Tell If My Attic Is Under Insulated

Here’s a good way to tell if your attic is under insulated: next time it snows, compare the rate of melting on your roof with your neighbors’ around you. If yours melts quicker, that is a sign that your attic is giving off warm air – air that should be keeping your family warm. Your drafty house problems could be caused by your lack of attic insulation.

Whatever you determine to be the cause of your drafty house, All-Weather can seal up any area, from the attic to windows to replacement doors. The company has been in business in Kansas City for over 30 years and knows all about making homes comfortable while keeping heating and cooling affordable all year round.

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