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How to Detect Moisture in Your Windows & What It Means

Window CondensationDuring the winter months, it is more common to see condensation, or moisture on your windows. Sometimes it is a harmless side effect of nature, other times it can signal a big problem for your windows. Here’s a simple guideline for you to follow that will help you detect what type of moisture you have on your windows, and what it means for you.

Interior Moisture on Windows

This type of condensation happens when there is a lot of moisture inside your home and the temperature of the window is colder than the air inside your home. This is a common problem these days, with many new homes having whole-home humidifiers and being built to be more energy efficient. Energy efficient home-sealing can make it difficult for moisture to make its way out of your home. Interior condensation can damage paint, plaster, and wood window sills. You can prevent this issue by running your bathroom fan when you shower, your kitchen fan when you cook, and occasionally open a window to allow moisture to make its way out of your home.

Exterior Moisture on Windows

Moisture on the exterior side of your windows is caused by dew. This happens when the window is colder than the dew point outside. This type of condensation doesn’t really cause any damage to your home or windows.

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Moisture in between Window Panes

Condensation on the inside of your windows, between the panes, happens when the seal between the panes is broken. This signals a real problem in your windows. Make sure to clean your windows thoroughly before jumping to this conclusion. Once you’ve determined that it is indeed condensation between the window panes, you’ll want to call the Kansas City window experts at All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding to replace your windows. New energy efficient windows will not only be clear of condensation between panes, but they will do a much more effective job at keeping the warm air inside your home this winter, thus keeping your utility bills lower.

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