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3 Benefits of Window Replacement

andersen-bow-windowIf your Kansas City home’s windows are getting tired and old, it might be time to replace them. Replacement windows have improved over the years, giving you more options and styles, and benefiting you and your home in many ways. Here are three of the biggest benefits of installing replacement windows with All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding in your home, and why it’s worth the investment.

Lower Energy Bills

We all dread that monthly utility bill that always seems to scam more money from our wallets. But there is a way to make it a little less painful every month. Replacement windows can combat the effects of old, drafty windows with uneven frames and cracked seals and glass. Replacement windows are much more efficient. They can save you up to 25% on your monthly heating and cooling bills.

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Less Maintenance

Older windows require constant care when it comes to keeping them efficient as well as keeping them clean. By installing new replacement windows, though, you can avoid a lot of wasted time and money spent on maintenance. Durable materials like vinyl, advanced weather stripping, and insulated glass will help ensure you windows stay efficient for longer, and stay attractive longer too. No more painting window frames and caulking. These new windows will continue to add value to your home over time as well, since their lifespan is much longer thanks to more advanced technology.

Adds Resale Value to Your Home

Not only will you see more value to you home immediately, but you will also see added value when you put it on the market. Efficient, appealing, and long-lasting windows are a great way to increase curbside appeal. Newer windows also help insulate your home better in both the warm and cooler months, and a better insulated home is also more appealing to buyers.

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