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Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Replace Patio Doors

deck-patio-door-replacement-all-weather-kcIt’s getting chilly outside, which means the last thing on your mind is a party on the patio. However, right now is the perfect time to think about your patio doors. Why? All-Weather is here to explain.

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Keep the Snowstorm Outdoors

Trying to keep your home warm and cozy is hard enough, but imagine your worn out patio door getting stuck, wide open, on a cold snowy day. While your doors may have slid along the track breezily during the summer months, once the harsh cold sets in things may get a bit sticky. Replace your outdated patio doors now to ensure you don’t get stuck in the cold this winter.

Save Money & Energy

One way you can save a bundle on utility bills is by installing an updated energy-efficient patio door. The U.S. Department of Energy advises modern glass doors with updated metal frames that feature a “thermal break.” This is an insulator constructed between the inner and outer part of the frame. Special coatings can also improve energy efficiency.

You may think to yourself, “My patio door looks great! I don’t need to replace it.” But it’s not just the glass that keeps the cold out and the warmth in. It’s also the weatherstripping. As weatherstripping ages it becomes cracked and worn. The seal becomes less effective, which means old patio doors will become vents letting out the warm air and allowing in the cold. Put a new patio door on your winterizing to-do list.

Update the Little Things

sliding-patio-door-replacement-repair-all-weather-kcThere are many ways to update a patio door in order to have it operating well during winter weather. You can replace rollers, screens, and glass. However, if you have a door that is difficult to open and close, it is best to replace it altogether to avoid a larger issue down the road.

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Opt for Professional Installation

Your patio door is the only thing standing between your warm home and the extreme cold outdoors, which is why it’s important to hire a professional for installation. Trust the experienced professionals at All-Weather to replace your patio door this winter.

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