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All-Weather Introduces New Product: Wincore Vinyl Replacement Windows & Entry Doors

All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding is proud to announce our new partnership with Wincore Windows & Doors. We will now carry their replacement windows and entry doors alongside our other outstanding products. As a company that has made its name on quality products and service, we can assure you that our latest partnership follows our deep-rooted standard for excellence. Here are just a few reasons to consider Wincore vinyl replacement windows and entry doors for your home.

All-Weather Window InstallationSuperior Window Technology

Wincore’s vinyl replacement windows are crafted with the latest technological advances. You can expect things like contoured vinyl frames that truly replicate the traditional appearance of wood, as well as Low-E glass coupled with warm-edge technology that ensures state-of-the-art modern performance and most importantly energy efficiency. These replacement windows are manufactured to really stand up to the elements and perform at a high level.

All-Weather Door InstallationBeautiful Doors That Perform

Wincore entry door systems create beautiful entry doors that greet your guests with classic elegance and style. These doors are made with top quality materials and construction, and also come with a Lifetime Limited Transferrable Warranty. You can also expect nearly every door in Wincore’s line to come with the EnergyStar label. These doors seal your home off from the harsh elements outside and help keep your energy bills low each month. And you won’t have to sacrifice beauty for performance. Wincore gives you a wide variety of options when it comes to hardware, color, glass, etc., so it’s easy to customize your door exactly the way you want it.

Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding today at 913-262-4380 or come into one of our showrooms to get more information on Wincore products for your Kansas City area home. We know you’ll be just as impressed as we are with these new products.

Install Frame with Door

FAQ: Can All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding Replace a Door without a New Frame?

Install Frame with DoorWe often get phone calls from homeowners in Kansas City asking if we can replace their doors and keep their existing frame in place. While the simple answer is, yes we can, we really don’t recommend going with this option. It may seem like a logical and money savvy decision at first, but it’s really in your best interest to install a new door with the frame it comes with. Here’s why we highly recommend this path.

It Can Cause Delays

While it is technically possible for us to replace your door while working with an existing frame, it can end up being more hassle than it’s worth. This is true for both time and money. Having to work around and with your existing frame without damaging it can cause delays in the job completion. It causes inefficiencies in the process, which can also end up costing you more of your time and money.

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It’s Not Good for Your Energy Bills

Another reason we don’t suggest replacing your door without also replacing your door frame is because the new door you choose won’t necessarily fit perfectly into your existing door frame. It can make your door less efficient at guarding your home from the elements, leaving it drafty and not very energy efficient. Not only will this leave your home less comfortable, but it will also make it more difficult for your home’s heating and cooling system to operate efficiently. This will likely end up costing you on your monthly energy bills.

If there’s a specific reason for keeping your existing door frame, like maybe you prefer its style, we can work with you on recreating it within your new door and frame. We can customize your door frames so you can have the exact look you want without sacrificing the functionality of your new door.

Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding at 913-262-4380 to talk about your door replacement options today.

White Window Blinds & Drapes

Summer Energy Savings: Windows & Doors Checklist

When the Kansas City temperatures start rising, so do your cooling bills. But just because All-Weather isn’t a heating and cooling company doesn’t mean we can’t help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Here are a few things we can help you do today to help you save on your bills tomorrow and beyond.

Energy Efficient windowsInstall Energy-Efficient Windows

One of the biggest ways we can help you save is by helping you choose the right windows for your home. We offer many styles and options, but if you’re looking to save on your summer cooling bills, you should look at our energy-efficient windows. Our Andersen Windows come with a variety of glass options, many of them having superior thermal and UV-shielding properties. Plus, their weatherstripping and closing functions are airtight, meaning you won’t feel a draft.

Pick the Proper Window TreatmentsWhite Window Blinds & Drapes

One way to help you keep the sun’s warm rays from heating up your home like a greenhouse is by installing the right type of window treatments. Utilizing your window treatments during the day can help you deflect the light and heat, and keep your home cooler, thereby decreasing the need for your air conditioner to keep running on high. Install white or light colored blinds or shades that won’t absorb the heat from the sun. Also, the more opaque your window treatments are, the less likely the sun’s rays are to seep through.

Sturdy Front DoorDitch the Drafty Door

Your doors are meant to keep many things out of your home, from intruders, to debris, to wind. Don’t let that hot and humid summer air leak into your home and make you uncomfortable and a few dollars poorer. If your current door isn’t up to par, replace it with an energy-efficient door from All-Weather that can withstand the elements. We only sell the best quality doors from Andersen Windows and Therma-Tru. These doors have great insulation and thermal properties that shield your home from the exterior temperature changes. They also come installed with airtight weatherstripping and framing.

Bet you didn’t think of turning to a window, door and siding company to keep your energy bills down? Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding at 913-262-4380 to install your energy-efficient windows and doors today.

Patio Doors

So You Want to Buy a Door . . . Your Guide to Replacing Any Exterior Door In Your Home

Your exterior doors are like the entrance gates into your castle. Since you are the ruler, you get to make the final decisions about what is right for your castle. All-Weather can help you make those tough decisions by arming you with all your options, and guiding you towards the best fit for you and your home. Here’s an outline of all the points you should consider when replacing any exterior door.

Entry DoorDecide on Performance Features

One of the most important things to look at when replacing an exterior door in your Kansas City area home is the performance features. A great way to assess this is to ask yourself what problem you are trying to fix by replacing your door in the first place? From there you’ll be better able to pinpoint the types of doors that will be the best fit. If your old door was drafty, you’ll want to look at doors with good thermal retainment properties. If you’re afraid of intruders, you should look at doors that have stronger locking systems and frames.

Pick a Style & Material That Mesh With Your Home

The next most important decision is picking the right style for your home. Would a rustic door mesh well with the rest of your home, or would a more traditional door bring harmony to the aesthetics of your home? Once you have the style down, then you can choose the material. Many rustic doors are wood, but traditional and modern doors come in a larger selection of material options. There’s wood, steel, and fiberglass. But just because your door isn’t wood doesn’t mean it will look like a prison door. Many of the fiberglass and steel doors are beautifully crafted and can be designed to look like real wood, but with more durability and security.

Decide on a Color or Finish

After you have the most important aspects of your door buying decision, the fun begins. Your door can be an understated beauty that blends in beautifully with the rest of your home, or you can make it a focal point. One way to do either is to pick the right color or finish. For an understated door go for more natural wood finishes, or muted paint colors, like greys, warm browns, and beiges. For doors that stand out, use vibrant wood finishes or colors like red, blue, yellow or green.

Finish It Off With the Right Door Accessories

Lastly, pick out the door accessories you want. Your door hardware and handles can have a big impact on the style. With many handle shapes and finishes, your options are extensive . Also decide if you want a door sweep to help keep debris and dirt from entering your home. Another addition to think about is a door stop. These are most commonly installed on storm and patio doors. It ensures that a closing door doesn’t close too hard, or open beyond the angle its hinges will allow.

For a more detailed outline of how to replace each specific type of exterior door in your home (or castle), download our complete All-Weather Guide to Replacing Any Exterior Door in Your Home.  

Phantom Retractable Screen Door Picture

Phantom Screens-Now You See Them, Now You Don’t

Phantom Retractable Screen Door PictureDo you have a beautiful entry door that you’d like to be able to open up for fresh air but don’t want to ruin its aesthetic appeal with a clunky screen door? All-Weather Window, Doors, and Siding has a solution – Phantom Screens. Phantom Screens are there when you need them and gone when you don’t.


Benefits of Adding Phantom Retractable Screen Doors

Phantom screen doors offer a host of benefits that you will come to enjoy. Besides being durable and beautiful, you’ll appreciate these advantages as well:

  • Breathe fresh air without the bugs
  • Enjoy uninterrupted views of the beautiful outdoors
  • Reduce the harsh glare of the sun
  • Lower energy costs-turn the air conditioner off and let the cool night air in when the sun goes down.
  • Expand your living space – turn a covered patio or porch into an extension of your home with retractable screens.

Get Peace of Mind with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

The biggest concern most customers have about these screens is durability. Most of their products are designed and manufactured in their North American facility. To allow them to deliver customization and quality, their retractable screens are built primarily by hand. From extruded aluminum housing and tracks to corrosion resistant finishes and components, these quality screens are designed to last a lifetime. That’s why they’re covered by a lifetime warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

What Type of Doors Will Phantom Screens Fit?

Phantom screen doors will fit just about any kind of door. They are available for out-swinging doors and as a double door for French style patio doors. These disappearing screen doors are gaining popularity because today’s entry doors are so efficient, there really is no need for a storm door in the winter. Phantom screens are the perfect solution when you need ventilation during the pleasant times of the year like spring and fall. Plus, these screens blend with any architectural style. They are perfect for both new and existing homes.

If you’re ready to let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out, give the Phantom screen experts at All-Weather Window, Doors, and Siding a call. We can answer any questions you have and give you a quote for your home. Call us at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480.

Home Break in Photo

Jamb Brace: The Front Door Safety Feature So Good, It Changed Building Codes in Kansas City

Home Break in PhotoAt All-Weather Window, Doors, and Siding, we know security is always a priority for our window and door customers. Windows and doors are the weakest part of your home when it comes to safety. The typical front door can be broken through in less than 45 seconds with three or four good kicks from an average sized man. The problem is that the deadbolt device depends on wood for support and wood is not the strongest material. It will split and give if enough force is used. So what can you do to make your front door safer? Meet Jamb Brace the Door Reinforcer®.

We’ve Been Jamb Brace Fans for Almost Two Decades

All-Weather Window & Doors has promoted Jamb Brace since its inception in 1997. We get called by insurance agencies for entry door replacement after home break-ins, so we see a lot of these instances and no matter how strong your door is, it’s only as strong as the wooden frame that surrounds it. Jamb Brace is the only product that makes your door secure.

What Is Jamb Brace?

Jamb Brace is a heavy-duty aluminum insert that is added to your door’s weakest part – the frame. It is completely concealed within the door trim. You can’t tell it’s there just by looking. Developed by veteran homebuilders and supported by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies, the Jamb Brace was designed specifically for homeowners.

Jamb Brace Was Created Right Here in Kansas City

In 1996, a series of home invasions ending in sexual assaults in Overland Park caught the interest of Overland Park police because the assailant kicked in the front doors. Overland Park policeman, Mike Betten, who worked in the crime prevention unit, saw the results firsthand. Betten had no idea how to secure a door with sidelites and received permission from the city council to go to the private sector to enlist some help. Mike approached the HBA and was put in contact with one of the board of directors, Tom O’Malley, who also owned Locks and Pulls. Tom was working on a door project with homebuilder, Ron Olberding, so he approached Ron and his business partner, David Allen, co-creators of the Jamb Brace, to test ways to make exterior doors stronger and more resistant to break-ins. “People spend thousands of dollars on alarm systems and locks, then a burglar kicks in their front door,” Olberding explained. “We knew that securing the frame, door edge and a quality dead bolt were the keys to keeping thieves out.”

The Police Department Was Extremely Impressed

Olberding and Allen worked closely with the Overland Park Police Department, to test the Jamb Brace against dozens of other theft-deterrent systems. The results were so convincing that the police department helped revise city building codes making it mandatory that new homes are fitted with a reinforced doorframe.

Homes Are Now Safer in Kansas City Neighborhoods

Once Overland Park adopted the new building ordinance, many neighboring cities followed suit. Now, Overland Park, Leawood, Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, DeSoto, Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley, Kansas City, MO and Oak Grove all require new construction single family and multi-family homes to meet minimum security standards. Jamb Brace is the preferred product to satisfy this ordinance. Also, new replacement doors in older homes must meet the same security standards for which the Jamb Brace is the preferred product as well. Jamb Brace is manufactured right here in Overland Park by Edward Wayne Inc.

Choose Any Door to Install with Jamb Brace

The nice thing about Jamb Brace is that it doesn’t impact the kind of door you buy. The only thing it changes is the door jamb itself so homeowners are free to choose any front door style they like. Security is always a consideration when choosing a front door. All-Weather can retrofit existing doors with Jamb Brace for added security. Or we can install a new door with Jamb Brace.

Take Advantage of Our February Free Jamb Brace Special

Give us a call and take advantage of our February Jamb Brace special. Anyone who purchases a new door in February and mentions this blog post will get a Jamb Brace installed for free. Call us for a free in-home estimate for front door installation including the Jamb Brace at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480.

Doug’s Top Tips to Keep Your Home Cozier This Winter

Winter Home Care TipsKansas City winters can be harsh and unforgiving. This year, don’t let the outside weather determine how comfortable you are in your own home. There are many factors that determine the comfort of your home, but many are small and easily overlooked. All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding’s President, Doug Bennett, lists off his top tips to keep your home cozy and comfortable this winter.

Reduce Window & Door Condensation

Condensation on windows and doors is often caused by poor insulation in these areas. It can also be a sign of high humidity levels. If your windows are in good shape but just have old glass, you might consider replacing the glass with more efficient energy saving low-E glass. If the condensation is between the panes, this is most likely due to a broken seal. We can replace the fogged glass with new clean class without having to replace the entire window in most cases.

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Replace Damaged Weather-Stripping

Weather-stripping is an effective way to seal those nooks and crannies around doors and windows. But if you are able to see sunlight peaking around your door, or it’s leaking cold air into your home, you might need to adjust the door or install new weather-stripping. Weather-stripping can get smashed over time and lose its effectiveness. We can service you door or weatherstripping, which is something many window, door and siding companies do not offer.

Make Sure Storm Windows Are Closed & Windows Are Locked

Storm windows add another layer to your home that cold breezes can’t penetrate. If yours are broken or missing, call our repair shop. We can repair your old ones, or make you new ones. If your sashes are not locked, the weatherstripping cannot do it’s job.

Close Fireplace Doors & Flue

Lastly, close the doors and flues to your fireplaces when they are not being used. This will help reduce the drafts and keep heat loss to a minimum. An open flue will suck the heat right up your chimney. But always check to make sure you open them before kindling up a fire. Closed fireplace flues, when a fire is burning, can cause smoke and ash to overcome your home.

Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding to increase the comfort of your home today at (913) 210 -8810 or (816) 673-2480.

3 Damage-Free Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Kansas City Home

Binder Clip DecorationsWe all love festive holiday decorations, but not the damage many of them leave behind. This year prevent injury to your home, and make the post-holiday cleanup a breeze. All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding gives you three damage-free decorating tips for the holiday season.

Use Binder Clips to Hang Lights on Your Roof

Put the staple gun down. Don’t be a Clark Griswold and end up stapled to your roof. There are more efficient, and less damaging ways hang your holiday lights from your roof. This may seem a little out of the box, but binder clips are actually a perfect partner for your lights. They are the perfect size to hold your lights in place, and are sturdy enough to keep them there all season. It also takes very little time to hang your lights with this technique. Plus, you’ll love the easy cleanup, and your perfectly intact roof when the holidays are over.

Try Zip Ties to Hang Decorations on Porch Railings

Leave the tape in your arts and crafts drawer, and forget about the hot glue gun. This year hang holiday garland or other holiday decorations from your porch railing without having to fix the damage when the holidays are over. Use clear zip ties or fishing line to tie your decorations in place with little to no visual intrusion.

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Use Over-The-Door Hooks to Hang Wreaths

Keep your new front door installed by All-Weather looking like new this holiday season. Skip the damaging 3M tape and nails this year. Instead choose over-the-door hooks that can support your holiday wreath without the harmful effects. You may even want to add a piece of felt to the part of the hook that touches the door in case the wind causes the wreath and hanger to swing back and forth possibly scratching your door’s finish.

Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480 today to help you get your home ready for the holidays.

Pine Wreath

DIY Holiday Wreaths for Your Kansas City Front Door

Show your holiday spirit this year. It doesn’t matter what holiday, if any, that you celebrate. You can display your cheer right on your front door this year, and we mean literally. All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding walks you through an easy tutorial on how to make your own holiday wreath.

What You’ll Need:

  • A Styrofoam wreath, straw wreath (still in plastic wrapping), wire wreath, or wet foam wreath
  • Big & small ornaments
  • Fresh or fake pine or other winter greens/brush
  • Accent pieces (berries, pinecones, etc.)
  • Glue gun, double sided tape, floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Festive ribbon

Ornament WreathGet Crafty With Ornaments

How you execute this craft will depend on the type of wreath you want to display. One colorful, and non-traditional approach is an ornament wreath. You can use old ornaments you already have, or buy some colorful round ornaments of varying sizes from your local grocery or craft store that are fairly inexpensive. You can also choose from an array of wreath bases, depending on what you prefer to work with.

Start by tying your ribbon around the top of your wreath. This will be used to hang the wreath from your door.

Next, start hot-gluing your larger ornaments to your wreath. Make sure you get in the insides and outsides too, but leave the back untouched. Then start filling in the gaps and spaces with the smaller ornaments.

Pine WreathCreate a Traditional Beauty

You can also go traditional with this wreath, and use pine tree snippings, or other wintergreens of your choice. The fake pine will last you forever, but the real stuff will probably just last this season.

It’s easier to use the wire wreath ring for this one. Take a bunch of snippings (3-4 pieces) and wrap the floral wire around, and twist it to secure the greens to the ring. Make sure to layer the next bunch of snippings slightly over the last. Do this all the way around. Use your cutters to clip any pieces that seem too long.

Lastly add any accents to your wreath. We love pinecones, cranberries, and burlap bows as accent additions to traditional wreaths.

We always suggest using an official door wreath hanger rather than pounding a nail into your door, which could permanently damage your door. A wreath hanger comfortably attaches over the top of your door, and has an adequately sized hook to hold your wreath in place. You can pick these up at most grocery stores and craft stores.

Call us today at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480 to install your new All-Weather Front Door before the Holidays.

Fall in Love with Your Front Porch This Fall

Front Door Design KCThe leaves are falling, and the air is getting crisper in Kansas City, which means fall is finally here! It’s the perfect time of the year to enjoy your front porch, and the last time you’ll have the ability to make some changes before winter sets in. Fall in love with your porch this fall with these simple design ideas that can take a so-so porch to a spectacular place you’ll want to sip your coffee and read the paper every morning.

The Right Lighting Fixtures

Having the right type of lighting fixtures is key to creating your ideal porch. Lighting can set a mood with the type of fixtures you choose, as well as the type of lighting. Rustic lighting fixtures are very popular for front porches almost every season of the year. They are pretty classic, and tend to evoke a feel of an old country farmhouse. Bronzed or black iron wall sconces with glass are a great choice for both sides of your front door. It creates a more inviting look and feel. We also suggest overhead lights if you plan to enjoy your porch at night. Use soft lighting to create a relaxing feel.

New Front Door

A new front door can make all the difference in your front porch. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your home, and is one of the main features of the front of your home and your porch. Simple, black, white, or wood doors are classic, or you could get a door with a nice punch of color, like red or blue. Right now we love farmhouse entry doors in conjunction with transoms and sidelights. These features together add character to the front of your home.

Check out our Andersen and Therma Tru entry Doors at All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding.

Comfortable & Cute Seating

The whole point of a front porch is to sit and enjoy it. So make sure you have comfortable seating. Enjoy your time on your porch with a nice rocking chair or a porch swing. And don’t forget a nice little coffee table so you can entertain. Bonus points for a nice woolen blanket to keep you warm when the sun starts to set.

Call All-Weather today to help you create the perfect porch this fall with a front door you’ll love walking through every day.

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