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Holiday Entry Door

The Best & Worst Doors for Increasing Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Holiday Entry DoorWhen the cold air moves into the Kansas City area you know it because you can feel it start to seep into your home through undetected  nooks and crannies. One of the best ways to keep your home energy efficient during the winter months (and year round) is with high quality windows and doors. Stop cold air in its tracks this winter with one of these three energy efficient door picks from All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding.

Steel Doors

Steel doors have some of the highest energy efficiency ratings, usually just behind most fiberglass doors. Since many steel doors are manufactured for the utmost security, they’re usually tightly fitted to the door’s frame and lock shut securely. Newer steel doors don’t look like the cold, bland doors we’ve seen in the past. Newer steel doors have increased style, but you still don’t get quite as many options as with fiberglass or wood doors.

Fiberglass Doors

Considered some of most energy efficient options on the market, fiberglass doors, from brands we carry like Andersen and Therma-Tru, are a great option to keep your home nice and cozy this winter. Decked out with properly fitted weather stripping and door sweeps, these doors are almost totally resistant to winter weather from wind to sleet to snow. Fiberglass doors are also among the most durable door materials. They get fewer dings than steel, and don’t require restaining or repainting like wood.

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Wood Doors

Wood doors are beautiful and still a classic look, but they are not the best at insulating your home from the elements. Wood allows more heat to pass through than steel or fiberglass doors. Wood doors can still do a decent job though, especially in more temperate areas. If you love the look of wood, make sure you add weatherstripping and a door sweep to maximize its energy efficiency. While they aren’t the most energy efficient doors, they still have a lot of pros. Wood doors are less likely to get dinged than steel doors, and are also very easy to repaint or stain when you decided to change the style of your home.

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