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Why You Should Install Storm Windows & Doors Before Winter in Kansas City

Protect Windows with Storm WindowsThe inevitable chill of winter is not far off. Before it gets here make sure your home is prepared to fend off the elements efficiently and able to keep you and your loved ones nice and toasty. While your mind might immediately think about calling your furnace technician, you might actually want to take a second to think about your home’s windows and doors. Up to 40% of your home’s energy costs in the winter can be spent combating air infiltration through windows and doors. Infiltration is the air leaking around and thru older and poor fitting windows and doors. At All-Weather, we know that one of the best ways to keep air infiltration to a minimum in your home is by installing storm windows and installing front doors in Kansas City. Here are just a few reasons they’ll help keep you warmer and your energy bills lower this winter.

Storm Windows & Doors Create an Extra Barrier Against Air Infiltration

Storm windows are secondary windows installed on the interior or exterior of the primary windows. They can help buffer extreme temperatures by blocking the amount of outside air that reaches the inside of the home. A properly installed high performance storm window can virtually eliminate air infiltration by creating a barrier outside of the primary window. The result is much less pressure on the primary window and the reduction of air leakage.

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They’re an Economically Smart Decision

Not only will installing storm windows and doors help decrease your energy bills, but they can also be a less expensive alternative to installing all new energy-efficient windows. While energy-efficient replacement windows in Kansas City are still your best bet to cut costs and increase the longevity of your windows, it’s not always in everyone’s budget. Storm windows can cost as little as a quarter of the price of a quality replacement window, and they can help reduce heat loss by up to 20% or more if you currently have single pane windows.

Storm Windows & Doors Reduce Maintenance Needs

Since storm windows and doors add an extra barrier, they also help protect your primary windows and doors from the elements. Besides harsh winds, storm windows also help protect against rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other debris that gets hurled through the air by heavy winds. This can help reduce the amount of maintenance you’ll need on your windows and doors, which will also help increase their lifespan.

Not any old storm window or door will do though. Make sure you look for a quality product that can be installed by a company that knows what they’re doing. Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding today at 913-262-4380 to check out your storm window options before winter gets here.

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