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4 Simple Steps to Replace Your Screen Door


Screen doors take a lot of abuse, and pets and kids seem to be the worst offenders. Whether they’ve left holes and tears or loosened your screen beyond repair, it may be time to replace that worn-out screen.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to replace the door entirely, just the screen! Even better, this is a task you can do all on your own. Follow these four easy steps from All-Weather and you’ll have a new screen door in no time!

Tools & Materials

    • Scissors
    • Utility Knife
  • Screen Door Spline

Step 1: Ditch the Damaged Screen

Out with thman-replacing-screen-door-all-weathere old and in with the new! Remove the frame of your screen door and lay it down on a large, flat surface.

 Locate the spline on the outer edges of the frame, and pull it from the frame to release the damaged screen. Don’t worry about keeping the old spline or screen material, you will replace these altogether.

Now that you’ve gotten it down to just the frame, it’s time to measure for your new screen.

Step 2: Measure & Cut

replacing-screen-door-spline-all-weatherNext, it’s time to make your screen like new. Take the roll of screen material and roll it out so it extends past the frame on all sides about two to three inches.

It is important to leave this extra screen on all sides because as you apply the spline, it will tighten the screen and you can trim away the extra, but if the screen doesn’t extend far enough it may not reach all the edges.

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Step 3: Securing Your Screen

This is where the screen spline installation tool becomes your best friend. This tool makes wedging the spline into the frame easier because it has both convex and concave rollers on either side. 

First, you will cut the spline to measure the length around your frame, leaving a few extra inches on the edge just in case. Next, align it over the frame above the groove where it will be secured. Use the concave end of your installation tool and press the spline into position.

spline-installation-tool-convex-concave-all-weather-screen-doorWith one hand, slowly roll the spline into place, and hold the screen taut with the other hand to ensure the screen is tight and doesn’t bunch. As you reach the corners of the frame, bend the spline into a right angle, and use the other side of the roller (the convex side) to push it in.  

 Once you have done all those steps, go over the entire length of the frame with the convex side of your tool to ensure the spline is completely secured into the frame.

Step 4: Trim & Enjoy!

trimming-screen-door-all-weatherLast step is to take your utility knife and cut around the inside of the frame right above the spline. This will eliminate the excess screen and leave a nice clean look for your newly improved screen door!

Now all that’s left to do is put your screen door back on its tracks and enjoy!

For more helpful tips and tricks, check out All-Weather’s blog or contact us today to discuss what All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding can do for your home this Spring!

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