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Security 101: The Safest Locks for Your Home

The only thing standing between an intruder and your home is your front door. With this frightening reality, it’s no surprise that homeowners want the best when it comes to their door locks. All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding wants to ensure that your home is fully protected, so today we are showing you the best options and what to look for in a quality door lock.


Time to Lock It Down

Homeowners have many brands and options to consider when securing their home, but first, they need to decide on the basics. Here are the basic types of locks you will choose from.

  • Deadbolt locks are the king of locks. They provide the utmost security for your home and are, without a doubt, the most durable. For residential homes, these are often paired with another lock below for enhanced security.
  • Locksets & Handlesets are medium security door locks, and they have two doorknobs, one on the outside and inside, that can be locked from either side. These aren’t quite the same caliber as a deadbolt, but these are great to pair with a deadbolt for maximum security.
  • Keyless locks are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners because of the convenience and advanced home security they offer. These have an anti-theft rolling code feature that makes sure the same code can’t be used twice. Certain models even sound an alarm after so many failed attempts.

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Check the Grade Before You Pay

After deciding the basic type of lock you need, checking the grade of that lock should be your next priority. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) created grades for door locks to identify their quality and durability. Every lock that is ANSI graded is extensively tested to ensure maximum safety and is categorized into the three grades below:

  • Grade 1: This is the highest grade security available. Typically this grade is used in commercial buildings, but residential customers can purchase a grade 1 deadbolt to meet this level of security in their home.
  • Grade 2: This is a more common grade lock for residential purposes. A grade 2 lock exceeds standard residential security and is the next best option when choosing a door lock for your home.
  • Grade 3: This grade only meets residential building requirements and provides minimal residential security. If you have grade 3 locks in your home it may be time for an update!

The type of lock you choose and the grade are crucial to the safety of your home. Next time you are replacing your locks, or even your door, make sure to consider these helpful tips.

Thinking it’s time to make security a priority? We’re here to help! Let the professionals at All-Weather guide you to the right choice in your entry doors.  

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