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Wood rot damage on a white window frame.

What Damage Has Old Man Winter Done to Your Home? What to Look For & How to Fix It

Old Man Winter All-Weather Windows, Doors and Siding

Although we’re supposed to have six more weeks of winter according to Punxsutawney Phil, now is a good time to start taking a look around and seeing what type of damage the winter has done to your home. While the term is “spring cleaning,” it’s a good idea to start getting together a list of what you want to look for well before spring arrives.

To help you get ready for spring, we’ve put together a list of six signs that winter took a toll on your home.

1. Caulk Pulling Away from Windows

There are two primary reasons why this occurs:

1) Condensation between the back of the frame and the wall could make the frame swell and push against the brickwork.

2) Dry winter air could have shrunk the air-exposed part of the frame revealing a crack.

These gaps create a problem because they allow in cold air, rain and snow over time, as well as damaging the frame further. Fixing this can be done with either a spray insulation foam or by reapplying window caulk.

2. Wood Rot on Windows & Doors

wood rot damage on window frameTake a close look at the frames around your windows and doors (both internal and external) for wood rot that could have formed during the winter months. Due to wind, rain, hail and snow, the wood can become exposed to, and soak up, moisture. This causes the wood to become soft and damp, enabling wood rot. Aside from being an issue for structural stability, it is also a good way to invite termites and carpenter ants into your home.

Try the knock test. Tap all along the frame and compare the sounds at different points. If more than one-third of any piece is “soft” or “hollow” sounding, you should call a professional to assess the damage before the problem continues to spread.

3. Debris in  Window Sills

Leaving debris in window sills can damage windows when you open them up in the spring. Bits of branches, leaves, rocks, and wind-blown debris can all cause damage to your windows if left alone. Bits and pieces can get caught in the tracks of the windows, making it necessary to remove the entire window in order to dig it out. Or, if you’re unaware that something is there and you attempt to force the window down, you can cause damage to the frame. Taking a bit of time now to clean off the sills and remove the debris will save you the hassle in the long run.

If you need to repair your windows due to damage like this, we at All-Weather know all about fixing them up.  

4. Loose Shingles

damaged shinglesYour roof takes quite a beating throughout the winter. Rain, snow, ice, hail, and wind all tear at it regularly during the colder months, and it’s important to perform regular check ups to see how it’s holding up. You want to keep an eye out for things like:

  • Missing shingles
  • Soft spots
  • Gaps in between shingles
  • Bubbles underneath the shingles

5. Clogged Gutters

When the winter winds blow, you have no idea what might end up in your gutters. From the usual leaves and pine needles s, to birds nests and random garbage, your gutters tend to collect assorted debris. While it can be messy, it’s also a timesaver in the end. If your gutters aren’t letting water wash down, it can build up in the gutters themselves or on your roof, depending on how bad the blockage is. With enough ice, your gutters could end up ripping completely off of your roof. Water left standing on your roof can get underneath your shingles and rot out parts of your roof.

6. Damaged Screens

The winter elements can all damage your screens over the winter, and it’s important to check them regularly. If they’re ripped or broken, you should get them replaced so that you can let in the cool spring breezes, but no pests, when spring arrives. At All-Weather, we would love to help out by making sure that your windows and screens are sturdy and secure, so you can enjoy the warmer weather. Whether it’s broken windows or screens, or it’s just time for a new look, we can do it all.

If you think you have windows, doors, or siding that needs to be repaired or replaced, call All-Weather at (913) 262-4380. We will work with you to keep the winter wind out, and your home looking its best.

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