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Which Entry Door Is Right for Your Kansas City Home? Take the Quiz & Find Out

Entry Door Kansas City-all-weatherSick of staring at the drab, out-of-date entry door? Unsure of what you’d like to replace it with? All-Weather can help! Now there is a fun quiz you can take to find out which of the Kansas City entry doors are right for your home. Before you take the quiz, here are a few ideas to help assess your entry door needs:

Behind Door #1: The Problem Solver

If certain things aggravate you about your current door, don’t replace it with a door that may create those same problems down the road. Assess your main need, and choose accordingly. Are you trying to keep cool air in and hot air out? Are you also interested in the best security to keep the bad guys out? Our quiz will help you solve these answers and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Behind Door #2: Say It With Style

Your entry door is the first impression of your home and tells everyone about your personal living style. Do you have a grand Gothic entry that opens up to cottage, shabby chic? Don’t re-decorate your cozy, comfy digs. It’s easier to get an exterior door to match your interior style rather than winding up with an extreme makeover: your home edition.

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Behind Door #3: How Much Is That Doorway In the Window?

Front Door Design KCPrice points are always an important factor in the final decision. Don’t set yourself up for a big disappointment by falling in love with a front door that’s out of your budget. Keep your sights set on the doors you can afford. Stop by an All-Weather showroom and we’ll be happy to help find an entry door that will fit your home’s needs and your budget!

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Take All-Weather’s Door Finder Quiz

If you can’t decide on the right door, click here to take our door finder quiz. Our quiz will help you answer all those nagging questions, like:

  • What door fits your home’s personality?
  • What door fits your home’s needs?
  • What door offers special options to meet particular performance demands?

Once you complete the quiz, and select the door of your dreams, then trust the home exterior experts at All-Weather to install your new exterior door. Homeowners in Kansas City have been enjoying the expertise and quality service of All-Weather for more than 30 years in exterior options like siding, windows and exterior doors.

Still can’t make up your mind? Let us help! Give us a call at (913) 262-4380 or contact us online today!


How to DIY Your Old Door into a Gorgeous New Table

Aall-weather-old-door-DIY-table unique table is a great way to jazz up your living room or spark conversation during your next dinner party. However, custom tables can be quite expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Luckily, there’s an incredibly affordable way to get the custom table you’ve been looking for by upcycling your old entryway door! If you’ve got a weekend and an old door that needs new life, this easy DIY project is sure to impress.

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What You’ll Need:

In order to begin the conversion process, you’ll need these materials:

  • One door. This will be the tabletop.
  • Four wooden posts. These will be the table legs.
  • Four boards measuring 1x3x8 feet. These will be the skirt boards for the table.
  • Beveled-cut glass measured the same size as the door. This will protect the door and provide a flat surface for the table.

It’s also a good idea to have these tools:

  • Power sander and sandpaper.
  • Pocket-hole jig.
  • Chop saw.
  • Drill and screws.
  • Paint and brushes.

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Time to Build It

  1. Cut the wood posts to the desired height of the table. A standard dining table is 29 inches; subtract from that the thickness of the door plus the glass, and that will be the length of your posts.
  2. Construct the skirt of the table from the plank boards. The skirt is a wood overhang that connects the legs and holds up the tabletop. You’ll be cutting them down from 8 feet. Measure the length and the width of your door. Then from each number, subtract the 2 inches plus the thickness of the wood posts. Use these numbers to determine how long each board should be (you’ll be cutting two boards for each number).
  3. You’ll drill three pocket holes on the inside ends of the skirt boards, so you can attach the skirt to the posts. Then, drill a number of pocket holes along the inside of the skirt board, spacing them a foot apart. This is how you’ll attach the skirt boards to the underside of the door.
  4. This is a great time to prepare the tabletop. Sand the door with the power sander and sandpaper, apply primer and then paint it to the desired color. Wait for it to dry before continuing.
  5. Now let’s assemble the table. Screw the legs to the skirt through the pocket holes. Next, place the table base on top and screw through the single pocket holes that you drilled on the inside of the skirt boards.
  6. Finally, lay the glass on top of the door. You may need assistance as glass of this size can be quite heavy, which also helps it to stay in place during the course of regular use.

Need a new entry door to replace the old one? Contact us today for a free consultation on what benefits you’ll gain when you install a new entry door.


The Top 5 Entry Door Trends for 2017

The front doall-weather-large-grand-entryway-dooror is the focal point of your home. According to Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report for 2017, a stylish and beautiful door can add an average of 90.7 percent of your cost to the value to your home. A new entry door not only boosts your home’s curb appeal, but improves energy efficiency and security. There are many options available and making the right choice can be overwhelming. To help you get started, let’s take a look at some of the top entry door trends for 2017.

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1. Go for the Grand Entryway

Grand entryways are a popular trend. If you want your entryway to be a showstopper, then you should choose a door that is stunning and ornate to welcome guests into it (like the example pictured above.) Keep in mind, however, that you want your door to keep with the overall style of your home

2. Add A Unique Touchall-weather-door-with-transom-windows

Another way to stand out in 2017 is to be casual, but a little unusual. Consider adding a unique touch such as doors with transom windows (pictured on the right) or even arched doors.

If you have an older home, choose a door that is consistent with the style and era of your home. Unsure of your options? We have lots to offer!

3. It’s Time to Go Bigger

Front doors are becoming larger. If you have a high enough ceiling in your entrance hall, you may wish to consider an eight, or perhaps even nine-foot-tall door. In addition to growing taller, doors are getting wider, some designs are three-and-a-half feet wide. Therma-Tru currently offers a door measuring three-foot six-inch-wide, and eight-foot-tall.

4. Energy Efficiency is a Must

Homeowners are increasingly concerned about energy-efficiency and seek products with the latest technology to keep the home functional and comfortable. Not only do we offer energy efficient solutions for your entry door, we provide a beautiful, wide range of styles to match your home perfectly.

5. Steel Makes It Strongerall-weather-steel-framed-doors

Security doors are for the refined homeowner who appreciates the absolute best. Available in unique designs, these heavy gauge, welded steel doorframes and decorative panels give a lifetime of security and beauty. Check out a beautiful option in the picture to the right!

Don’t Wait to Make it Great!

Any time is a great time to replace your entry door. Especially if you are upgrading to a more energy-efficient door. The sooner you have your new door installed, the sooner you can begin saving money on your utility bills.

Give us a call at (913) 262-4380 or stop by one of our showrooms today! It’s easy to schedule appointments and see the newest products on the market.

Cost Vs. Value on New Windows

Cost vs. Value Report: How New Windows, Doors, & Siding Can Save You Money in 2017

cost-vs-value-report-2016-2017-all-weather-windows-doors-sidingHave you heard the news? The final analysis from Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report shows that adding new windows, installing exterior doors, as well as adding new and beautiful home siding benefits your home and saves you money.

The experts at All-Weather are breaking down this valuable report to give you the facts and trends that truly matter:

Remodel Return Comparisons

As we move into 2017, remodel trends are geared toward curb appeal features that are more energy-efficient than ever. An average home remodel project gave homeowners a nearly 65% return by increasing the value of a home sold within one year of project completion. That number is nearly 3% greater than what it was in 2015.

With new door, window and siding designs that feature gorgeous craftsmanship and greater energy-efficiency, 2017 should see an even larger increase of return on investment for home sales after remodel project completion.

2017 Remodeling Trends

energy-efficient-windows-cost-vs-value-report-all-weatherThis coming year homeowners are expected to focus on the areas of greater returns heightening the value of their investment. Those key areas would be doors, windows and siding. For example, the replacement door of choice for 2016 was fiberglass.

Homeowners who anticipate putting a house on the market are upgrading to get a return on investment through better sale prices, but they aren’t the only ones. Data indicates that within six months of moving into a new home, about 60% of homeowners delve into a home improvement project. Return on investment for new homeowners is accumulated gradually through lower energy costs and choosing the most valuable features to remodel or replace. For a great return on your investment, consider upgrading to the latest designs of these home features:

    • Steel Entry Door: Upgrades recouped more than 90% of investment through utility savings created by innovative energy-efficient designs and higher resale value of home.
    • Fiberglass Entry Door: Upgrades recouped more than 82% of investment through utility savings created by innovative energy-efficient designs and improving the resale value of the home.
    • Siding: Upgrades recouped nearly 80% of investment by installing higher quality siding with better insulating properties that created energy savings as well as curb appeal quality which improved market value at sale.
  • Windows: Whether homeowners opted for wood or vinyl replacement windows, consumers enjoyed recouping more than 70% of their investment through energy savings and enjoyed a higher resale price.

To get started on your own project, schedule an appointment online or give us a call at (913) 262-4380. Here at All-Weather, we’ve been improving homes in Kansas City for over 30 years and we’d love to help make your remodel a reality, while also saving you money!


Why You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring To Replace Your Windows

window-replacement-winter-months-all-weatherIf you think you have to wait until the weather is warm to install new windows, think again. Not only can you benefit from tax rebates before the end of the year, you can also start saving money on your heating bills!  

Many homeowners assume it’s too cold for installation, but this is a common misconception. All-Weather is breaking down how this process takes place during the cold winter months and how it can benefit you.

How Your Current Windows Are Costing You Money

It’s old news that older models of windows are not energy-efficient. Over the past five years, there has been a revolution in housing materials due to America’s commitment to reduce its overall carbon footprint. To ensure these numbers are lower, the government has encouraged new patented products to become part of their Energy Star program. Simply put, the higher the Energy Star rating, the lower your utility bills will be. When your home is using less energy to heat or cool it, the overall carbon footprint is reduced, plus you save money on utility bills.

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How Winter Window Installation Works

If you think that snow will be blowing into your home from every opening during your winter window installation, think again. We work hard to ensure that your home is not freezing cold while we are installing your windows, and this begins with only working on one window at a time.

We close off and isolate the room we are working on while the rest of the home remains warm and comfortable. Of course, if there are blizzard-type conditions that mean your home could be compromised, we will reschedule our services.

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Scheduling Is Easier in the Winter Months

Psst.. want to know a secret? The window installation industry typically lowers window pricing in wintertime and it is much easier to schedule an appointment because homeowners typically assume that you can’t during winter months. However, unlike certain types of construction, window installation is easy any time of the year.

Another advantage is that there are rebates available at federal, state, and sometimes local taxation levels. In some cases, having your windows installed by the end of 2016 means that you will get a tax deduction or rebate for all or part of your install.

Want to know more about having your windows replaced? Give us a call at (913) 262-4380 or contact us online today!

Holiday Wreath

How to Hang Holiday Decorations without Damaging Your Front Door

holiday-wreath-hanging-without-damage-all-weatherDecember is here and it’s not just the halls you want to deck… that front door could use a little holiday spirit, too!

But wait, before you get out the power tools or pick up a hammer, consider some alternative methods for displaying your holiday cheer. Here are four tips on how to hang your holiday decorations without damaging your front door:

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Use Fishing Line for Hanging

Got an extra roll of fishing line lurking in the garage? Put it to work for your wreath! First, loop fishing line through the wreath, then create two additional loops and place them through your wreath. Place one of these two loops over each top corner of the door, and, voila — your wreath appears to be “floating” on your door and there’s no damage to be found.

Removable Self-Adhesive Hooks

These are ideal for displaying holiday decor both indoors and out. Command Hooks by 3M are specially designed to hold items without doing any damage to the surface. It’s a good idea to estimate the weight for the item that you want to hang before selecting the hook, because each pack of Command Hooks will indicate how much weight it can bear.

Magnetic Wreath Hanger

If your door is made of glass or metal, you can use a magnetic wreath hanger. As with Command Hooks, you will want to make certain that the hanger you choose is sufficient to hold the weight of the wreath. How does a magnet work on glass? These magnets are double sided and one half goes on each side of the glass sandwiching it between. Because it has to hold the wreath through a layer of glass, you will probably be better off selecting a lighter-weight wreath.

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Over-the-Door-Wreath Hanger

Last but not least, there is always the over-the-door wreath hanger, which you can find in plastic or metal. These work very similarly to the over-the-door clothes hangers you can hang clothes on, but they’re much longer for better placement of your wreath. One little secret to keep it from scratching your door with any swinging motion is to attach a piece of felt to the back of the hanger where it touches the door. Couldn’t be easier!

Does your front door need a facelift? It’s probably time to replace it! We replace entry doors, storm doors and so much more. Contact All-Weather online or give us a call at (913) 262-4380 for more information!

Windows by All-Weather in KC

Save Money & Fight Breast Cancer With Wincore Replacement Windows

wincore-windows-give-back-breast-cancer-research-all-weather-kcThere are so many choices in window replacements, but think about how convenient it would be to choose a brand that saves you money, gives back to a great cause, and keeps you cozy all winter long. Well, All-Weather can give you all of that with Wincore Windows! Continue reading to see just how much you can benefit from having these top-of-the-line windows installed by the experts at All-Weather.

If You Want It All, Choose Wincore Windows

All-Weather offers the latest in window technology with Wincore replacement windows. These windows have contoured vinyl frames, which means you can still achieve the traditional look of wood trim while also choosing a product that is maintenance-free, durable, and truly weather-proof.

The Cozy Factor

With ultra-high performance glass, a home protected with Wincore Windows will have the ultimate cozy atmosphere. Wincore Windows offer features like triple-paned glass, which are sealed airtight with insulating gas to fill the space between panes. One of the many features that gives Wincore Windows an energy-efficiency rating worthy of the Department of Energy’s approval and the Energy Star seal.

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The Money-Saving Factor

After upgrading to Wincore, homeowners will first realize their savings when they see the utility bills start to drop. But the savings don’t stop there! By choosing Wincore products bearing the Energy Star seal, homeowners may also qualify for certain tax credits. That could mean hundreds of dollars back in your pocket just by making the right choice with Wincore!

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The Charity Factor

Wincore Windows not only believes in tough, reliable products, they also believe in the strong people who are battling breast cancer. A portion of all Wincore product sales are committed to nonprofits that support breast cancer research. By choosing Wincore Windows from All-Weather, you can give back to a great cause while also choosing the best products for your home.

The Convenience Factor

The All-Weather team does it all: doors, windows, and siding. We provide service under a single umbrella, which means the ultimate convenience for our loyal customers. Contact us today and get everything you want: the very best in products, service, giving, savings, and convenience.

Schedule an appointment online, or give us a call at (913) 262-4380 to talk with an expert at All-Weather. We’d love to help with all your window, door, and siding needs!



Kansas City Replacement Windows for Winter

6 Steps to Prepare Your Home & Wallet For Winter

Winter is around the corner, which means now is the best time to prepare your home for the upcoming colder months. Our winter savings and comfort checklist will help you lower your utility bills, protect your house, and keep your family warm all season long. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Here’s a great tip if your ceiling fans are equipped with a reverse switch. Once you’ve turned your furnace on for the winter, use your fan’s reverse switch to run the fan’s blades in a clockwise direction. This will create an updraft and push down the warm air from the ceiling into the room. This is especially helpful if your home has high ceilings!

2. Check Your Roof and Gutters

removing leaves from guttersLook for damaged, missing or loose shingles and have them repaired as soon as possible. This will prevent leakage during a winter storm or from melting snow. Additionally, remove any leaves, pine needles or other debris from your roof as this promotes deterioration of the shingles.

Don’t forget to clean the gutters as well! A clogged gutter will cause water to back up on the house, damaging your roof, siding, and wood trim. A gutter full of debris can also cause ice dams and leakage.

3. Check Windows and Doors

window replacement for winter in kansas cityCheck the upper and lower sash of all windows, including storm windows, to make sure they are locked. This may seem obvious, but many homeowners forget to lock their windows and sometimes even to close them. This can result in extremely high energy bills and safety issues.

Another important step is to thoroughly clean your window sills and weep holes. Closing windows with debris in the sills can damage the window and leave small gaps for cold air to come in. Now is also the ideal time to clean the outdoor glass on your windows before it gets too cold to do so. This will also allow more sunlight to shine through, which will aid in warming your home throughout the cold winter months.

Check your doors for drafts. Since doors expand in the heat and contract in the cold, small gaps can occur in the winter, allowing cold air to come in and warm air to go out. If you can’t seem to find where the cold is coming from, turn off the lights in your home during the day and check for light coming through around the edges of your door. If light is coming through, chances are that’s where the cold is coming in as well. The best way to solve this issue is to replace the door altogether.

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4. Schedule a Furnace Tune-Up

This is something every homeowner should do at this time of year! During a tune-up, a licensed technician will make small adjustments, such as lubricating moving parts, inspecting and cleaning condensate drains, and testing the unit’s starting capabilities. Small problems can be detected before they turn into larger, more expensive repairs. Regular maintenance also leads to fewer unexpected breakdowns.

5. Call a Chimney Sweep

A professional chimney sweep will ensure your chimney and vents are clean and in good condition. This will prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. They’ll also make sure your chimney isn’t letting in cold air, which will reduce your utility bills and increase comfort!

For more information regarding replacement windows, entry doors, storm doors, and storm windows, please contact All-Weather today!


Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Replace Patio Doors

deck-patio-door-replacement-all-weather-kcIt’s getting chilly outside, which means the last thing on your mind is a party on the patio. However, right now is the perfect time to think about your patio doors. Why? All-Weather is here to explain.

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Keep the Snowstorm Outdoors

Trying to keep your home warm and cozy is hard enough, but imagine your worn out patio door getting stuck, wide open, on a cold snowy day. While your doors may have slid along the track breezily during the summer months, once the harsh cold sets in things may get a bit sticky. Replace your outdated patio doors now to ensure you don’t get stuck in the cold this winter.

Save Money & Energy

One way you can save a bundle on utility bills is by installing an updated energy-efficient patio door. The U.S. Department of Energy advises modern glass doors with updated metal frames that feature a “thermal break.” This is an insulator constructed between the inner and outer part of the frame. Special coatings can also improve energy efficiency.

You may think to yourself, “My patio door looks great! I don’t need to replace it.” But it’s not just the glass that keeps the cold out and the warmth in. It’s also the weatherstripping. As weatherstripping ages it becomes cracked and worn. The seal becomes less effective, which means old patio doors will become vents letting out the warm air and allowing in the cold. Put a new patio door on your winterizing to-do list.

Update the Little Things

sliding-patio-door-replacement-repair-all-weather-kcThere are many ways to update a patio door in order to have it operating well during winter weather. You can replace rollers, screens, and glass. However, if you have a door that is difficult to open and close, it is best to replace it altogether to avoid a larger issue down the road.

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Opt for Professional Installation

Your patio door is the only thing standing between your warm home and the extreme cold outdoors, which is why it’s important to hire a professional for installation. Trust the certified professionals at All-Weather to replace your patio door this winter.

Contact us online or give us a call at (913) 262-4380 for your free patio door estimate. And for more helpful tips on keeping your home warm this winter, check out our blog!


4 Reasons to Replace Your Entry Door This Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner, and if you’ve been unhappy with your front door either because it’s drafty, creaky, loose or just plain worn out, now is the perfect time to get your door replaced! Not convinced? Check out these 5 reasons to replace your entry door before this holiday season:

1. Lower Energy Bills & Keep Cozy

An old, drafty door is not only unattractive, it’s a HUGE waste of energy! Doors that aren’t properly fitted or installed have a tendency to let cold air seep in all winter long, which means cold feet and even higher energy bills trying to warm them up! Replacing your door now, before heating season kicks in, will save you money all winter long, not to mention keep you and your guests cozy.

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2. Impress Your Guests & Nosy Neighbors

Holiday season means company. Family and friends will be visiting, and wouldn’t you like to greet them by opening a beautiful new door bedecked with a fragrant wreath? The holidays are also a time when everybody’s looking at houses to check out their holiday decorations. A new door will do wonders for your home’s winter curb appeal.

3. More Appointment Availability

holiday-christmas-decorations-entry-door-all-weather-kcDoor contractors are less busy at this time of year, meaning they’ll get to your installation quickly, blocking off your entry to keep the cold out while they install your new door. It’s quick and easy, and they’ll be done in half a day — probably before the kids get home from school!

4. Added Curb Appeal & Resale Value

A new door will update your home and add a little more value too. You’re busy “buttoning things up” for warmth around the house at this time of year anyway, so why not do it right and replace that drafty old front door at the same time?

All Weather is Kansas City’s premiere supplier of doors, windows and siding and have been for more than 30 years. For more information on our top of the line products and services, contact us online or give us a call at (913) 262-4380 today!


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