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Keep the Cool Air in This Spring: 3 Fast Fixes for Drafty Doors

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During the winter, drafty doors are made obvious due to the harsh cold creeping in. Many homeowners don’t realize that those drafty doors also make it difficult for your home to cool down during warmer months. No matter what the season, a drafty door can cost you money, energy efficiency, and leave parts of your home uncomfortable. Outside of installing new entry doors in Kansas City, Here are three easy ways to fix drafty doors this season.

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Add Weatherstripping

Do you have large gaps between your door and door frame on either side or the top? Install a weatherstripping gasket around your door frame to keep the outside conditions where they are meant to be…outside. To ensure the efficiency of your weatherstripping, make sure it sits tightly on the inside when the door is closed. The weatherstripping will make sure little to no air can seep through the sides or top of your door opening. While most front entry doors come installed with weatherstripping common culprits, that don’t come equipped with this feature, include garage and back doors.

Helpful Hint: Can’t find where the breeze is coming from? Wait until it’s dark outside and turn off all the lights inside your home. Next, have one person stand on either side of the door and take a flashlight around the perimeter of the door. If any light can seep through to the other side, so can air, which means you’re a prime candidate for weatherstripping!

Replace the Door Sweep

If you often feel a draft coming from the bottom of your door, check the door sweep, which is usually a rubber or brush-like strip attached to the bottom of the door. Is it bent or out of place? If so, it could be letting air slip into your home. You can easily replace your door sweep with a brand new one yourself. Just unscrew the old one, and screw the new door sweep into place.

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Seal the Door Frame

Is your door frame a bit loose from the wall? If you can see a gap, and can feel a draft there, you want to consider caulking your door frame. Apply silicone caulk around the door frame and let it dry for 24 hours. This will seal the door frame into place and restrict air from seeping into your home.

If these tips don’t seem to eliminate your drafty door issues, it may be time to replace your door with a newer, more energy-efficient option. While dealing with a little breeze may be bearable, the money you may be wasting is not. Be sure to check your main doors each season to ensure your home remains energy efficient and your money stays in your pocket!

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