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The Siding Showdown: LP SmartSide vs. James Hardie

showdown/trophyMove over Hulk Hogan, it’s time for the Kansas City siding showdown.

In the early 90s, our first team entered the ring: James Hardie. This Australian-based company is known for their fiber cement product, Hardie Board. Louisiana Pacific (LP) SmartSide joined the ring seven years later, and the fight was on. US-based, LP SmartSide, is notorious for their engineered wood that is moisture resistant.

So who is winning the siding showdown? Let All-Weather Window, Doors, & Siding  break it down for you.

Round 1: The Siding Pros, Brother

Let the games begin! In the first round, Hardie Board made its grand entrance by displaying that it is both ASTM-rated for fire protection and non-combustible. The product also has a 15-year trim and 30-year siding warranty. LP SmartSide, however, had the audience roaring with its 50-year trim and 50-year siding warranty. Not to mention, it has had minimal issues reported when it comes to longevity and performance of the product. Round one ends in a tie.

Round 2: Bring on the Cons, Brother

The match intensified in round two. Hardie board showed that with improper installation it can flake and crack. Over time, it also becomes less resistant to impact. A right hook from items such as lawn mowers and baseballs can dent the product. LP SmartSide was knocked on its use of wood, which makes it less fire resistant. However, the LP SmartSide siding hit back with optional FlameBlock that adds fire resistance to the overall product.

And We Have a Winner…

Ding, ding, ding, James Hardie has been pinned by LP SmartSide! LP SmartSide’s longer warranties, impressive product performance and longevity, and FlameBlock resistance makes it the Siding Showdown champion.

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