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The Secret to Securing Your Front Door…It’s Not the Lock

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At All Weather Window, Doors & Siding, we know a little bit about exterior doors. We carry the best names on the market (names). But we’ve learned something over the years. It is downright frightening when you realize how easy it is to kick in a typical front door on a home. “But, I have a deadbolt,” most homeowners say. Deadbolts do improve the door’s ability to resist outside forces, but any front door is only as strong as its weakest part – the frame. Door frames are made of wood. Wood is not the hardest material and is prone to splitting if enough force is applied. Replacing the screws in the strike plate with longer ones will help, but what are those screws attached to? You guessed it…wood. The real secret to securing your front door is upgrading the door frame, not the lock. 

We Use Jamb Brace to Reinforce Door Jambs

The door frame itself is the weakest part of your door. That’s why we recommend and install a product called Jamb Brace. Door jambs are the interior sides of the door frame. The word jamb comes from the French word jambe, which means leg, hence, door jambs are sometimes also called the legs. If you have a deadbolt, the strike plate it slides into will be attached to the jamb. Jamb Brace is a heavy-duty aluminum insert that is added to your door’s frame. It is completely concealed within the door trim. You can’t tell it’s there just by looking. This unique home security device was developed specifically for homeowners by veteran homebuilders and is supported by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies.

Jamb Brace Is a Hometown Product

Jamb Brace was created after a series of home invasions ending in sexual assaults occurred in Overland Park in 1996. In each instance, the offender gained entry by kicking in the front door. Overland Park policeman, Mike Betten, worked in the crime prevention unit and saw the results firsthand. He realized that securing a front door with sidelites would be a challenge, but received permission from the city council to go to the private sector to enlist some help. Mike approached the HBA and was put in contact with Tom O’Malley, who also owned Locks and Pulls. Tom was working on a door project with homebuilder, Ron Olberding, so he approached Ron and his business partner, David Allen, co-creators of the Jamb Brace, to test ways to make exterior doors stronger and more resistant to break-ins. 

Jamb Brace Is So Secure, Building Codes Were Revised 

“We knew that securing the frame, door edge and a quality deadbolt were the keys to keeping thieves out,” Olberding explained. Olberding and Allen worked closely with the Overland Park Police Department, to test the Jamb Brace against dozens of other theft-deterrent systems. The results were so convincing that the police department helped revise city building codes making it mandatory that new homes be fitted with a reinforced door frame. Jamb Brace is manufactured right here in Overland Park by Edward Wayne, Inc. 

Jamb Brace Works with any Door

The nice thing about Jamb Brace is that it doesn’t impact the kind of door you buy. You are not limited at all. The only thing it changes is the door jamb itself, so homeowners are free to choose any front door style they like. Security is always a consideration when choosing a front door. All-Weather can retrofit existing doors with Jamb Brace for added security, or we can install a new door with Jamb Brace. 

Get So Much More with Your Door

At All-Weather, we carry entry doors by Andersen, Wincore, and ThermaTru. All-Weather is an experienced Andersen door installer and we are Kansas City’s only Therma Tru entry door design center! Come pick out a door for your home and install it with the added security of Jamb Brace for your peace of mind. Plus, at All-Weather, your door installation includes so much more than the big box stores offer.

Sleep soundly at night knowing your front door is secure with Jamb Brace. Come see our selection of entry doors in our design center and secure your home while you beautify it. Call us at (913) 262-4380 in Kansas or (816) 673-2480 in Missouri or contact us online and let us show you what a difference quality and customer service can make!

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