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Don’t Just Replace Your Windows – Add More!

Nothing will transform a room more than adding light. Adding windows is the easiest way to let more light in and we should know. Many of our customers not only want to replace their windows, but they want to add more. It’s no wonder when you see the amazing transformations windows can create.

Sunlight Transforms a Room

Sunlight changes the entire mood of a space and makes it seem larger and more inviting. No matter what size home you live in, adding more windows will make it seem bigger and brighter. If you’re considering replacing your old windows, we encourage you to consider adding more at the same time. Here are some of the best places to add more windows and more light.

Turn Your Kitchen into a Sunny Cafe with More Windows

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We’ve seen small, gloomy kitchens turn into beautiful inviting rooms simply with the addition of a window or two. Many kitchens, especially in older homes, were not designed for maximum light. One window above the sink is definitely not conducive to creating a bright, open atmosphere. If you’re lucky enough to have an exterior wall in your kitchen, you can add some light. Some of our favorite kitchen window additions include sliding windows and garden windows.

Add Life to Your Living Room with Picture Windows

picture windows in living room

Your living room or great room is the centerpiece of your home. It’s usually where company gathers making it the premier room to upgrade. Taking a typical double-hung style window or two and replacing them with a larger picture window is also a smart choice for a living room, especially if your room has a great view. Because picture windows have no moving parts that require headers, mullions or grilles, they provide an unobstructed view.

Living room with arched windows

The ultimate upgrade would be to add large, tall arched windows or a window wall. Window walls completely transform the space and make it feel like a different room altogether. They add an air of elegance and a modern feel to your home, no matter how old it is.

Bay & Bow Windows Are Perfect Window Additions for Dining Rooms

Bay windows in dining room

Dining rooms are perfect for bay or bow windows. Taking a typical double-hung style window or two and replacing them with a larger bay or bow window will add much more light and make the room more inviting and airy. As an added bonus, a bay window can add more square footage as well as seating. Bow windows are perfect when you don’t need to add more floor space, but want more light.

Entryways Greet Your Guests

Entryway with large windows

Entryways, or foyers, are like your home’s face. They create a first impression of your home. Entryways can be bright and welcoming or gloomy and dark. Adding a larger window above your entryway door or installing larger sidelights on either side of your door can make a huge difference in how people perceive your home right off the bat.

Windows Increase Your Home’s Value

Take the money you would have spent on simply replacing the windows that are there and use this opportunity to not only update your home, but to actually upgrade it! Adding new replacement windows will increase your home’s value, but upgrading to bigger and/or more windows will increase its beauty and appeal when it’s time to sell as well. So don’t just replace your windows…add more!

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re thinking of adding replacement windows, call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding. Our commitment to our customers goes beyond simply providing the best products and services. We’re dedicated to making the entire process seamless and stress-free. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team is here to assist you every step of the way. We even offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We’re not happy until you’re happy!

If it’s time to replace your windows, consider adding more. It will completely transform your home. Come visit our Andersen Showroom, the only Andersen Window showroom in KC designed for homeowners. Call us at (913) 262-4380 in Kansas or (816) 673-2480 in Missouri or make an appointment online. At All-Weather, it’s all good under the yella umbrella.

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