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A DIY table made out of a door.

How to DIY Your Old Door into a Gorgeous New Table

Aall-weather-old-door-DIY-table unique table is a great way to jazz up your living room or spark conversation during your next dinner party. However, custom tables can be quite expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Luckily, there’s an incredibly affordable way to get the custom table you’ve been looking for by upcycling your old entryway door! If you’ve got a weekend and an old door that needs new life, this easy DIY project is sure to impress.

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What You’ll Need:

In order to begin the conversion process, you’ll need these materials:

  • One door. This will be the tabletop.
  • Four wooden posts. These will be the table legs.
  • Four boards measuring 1x3x8 feet. These will be the skirt boards for the table.
  • Beveled-cut glass measured the same size as the door. This will protect the door and provide a flat surface for the table.

It’s also a good idea to have these tools:

  • Power sander and sandpaper.
  • Pocket-hole jig.
  • Chop saw.
  • Drill and screws.
  • Paint and brushes.

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Time to Build It

  1. Cut the wood posts to the desired height of the table. A standard dining table is 29 inches; subtract from that the thickness of the door plus the glass, and that will be the length of your posts.
  2. Construct the skirt of the table from the plank boards. The skirt is a wood overhang that connects the legs and holds up the tabletop. You’ll be cutting them down from 8 feet. Measure the length and the width of your door. Then from each number, subtract the 2 inches plus the thickness of the wood posts. Use these numbers to determine how long each board should be (you’ll be cutting two boards for each number).
  3. You’ll drill three pocket holes on the inside ends of the skirt boards, so you can attach the skirt to the posts. Then, drill a number of pocket holes along the inside of the skirt board, spacing them a foot apart. This is how you’ll attach the skirt boards to the underside of the door.
  4. This is a great time to prepare the tabletop. Sand the door with the power sander and sandpaper, apply primer and then paint it to the desired color. Wait for it to dry before continuing.
  5. Now let’s assemble the table. Screw the legs to the skirt through the pocket holes. Next, place the table base on top and screw through the single pocket holes that you drilled on the inside of the skirt boards.
  6. Finally, lay the glass on top of the door. You may need assistance as glass of this size can be quite heavy, which also helps it to stay in place during the course of regular use.

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