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3 Ways to Bring Holiday Cheer to Your Windows

Window Decorations KCIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! So why not show your cheer to the world with beautiful window displays in your Kansas City area home. Many times your tree gets all the love this time of the year, but some tastefully decorated windows can add a significant amount of charm and warmth to your home and overall holiday displays. The window experts at All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding have rounded up our three favorite ways to display your festive joy in your windows this season without damaging them.

Use Those Candy Canes

Candy corn is the designated candy of the fall, but once winter comes around, it’s all about those candy canes. Instead of eating all of them (while tempting), why not put them to use in your holiday decorations. The red and white stripes are perfectly festive, and the cane shape is delightful. Make a Candyland window display, and hang your candy canes with festive red ribbon, or another of your choosing. Tie the ribbon to your curtain rod. It’s that simple. You can hang the candy canes all at the same length or at varying lengths.

Make Your Own Snowflake Window Clings

Want a fun inside winter activity with the kids? These next two window display ideas are perfect as crafts with the kids, too. Window clings are gel-like self-adhesive stickers that peel off of your windows with ease, and don’t leave any sticky residue that could damage your windows. All you need is wax paper and puffy paint. You can make your own holiday shapes on the wax paper with the puffy paint. If you have very small kids, or just want them to look really good, trace them on the wax paper first with a pencil, then follow the outline with the puffy paint. Let the paint dry overnight, then carefully peel the designs off of the wax paper. Now you’re ready to decorate those windows!

Let It Snow . . . Indoors

Another great decorating craft to do with the kids is to make your own paper snowflakes! Cut out your one-of-a-kind snowflake designs, and a lot of them. When you’re done, tape them to invisible fishing line of varying lengths. Tie the fishing line to your curtain rod, and watch as the paper snowflakes spin and sway in the window, like real snow. Your kids will find it magical, and guests will love the festive flair.

All of these ideas are simple, DIY crafts that won’t scratch or harm your beautiful windows. If you do happen to need window repair or replacement before the holidays, or anytime, call the window professionals at All-Weather at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480.

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