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Upcycle Your Old Door: Create a DIY Table

Reuse Old DoorIf you’ve recently remodeled your home, you might have a lot of excess materials you need to dispose of. Instead of throwing all of your old things out, see if you can upcycle or repurpose some of them. Old doors are one item that you can reuse in other ways, especially they have unique or interesting characteristics. One of our favorite ways to upcycle an old door is by making it into a table. These are great for unique dining or kitchen tables that spark conversation at dinner parties. All-Weather explains how you can create a DIY table with your old door.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Old door
  • 4 wood posts
  • Drill and screws
  • Pocket-hole jig
  • Power sander and sandpaper
  • Chop saw
  • Paint and brushes
  • Four 1x3x8′ plank boards
  • Beveled-cut glass the size of door/tabletop

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Get Building

  1. Cut your wood posts to length. The height of most dining tables is 29 inches. Subtract the thickness of the door and the glass covering, and what’s left over should be the height of your wood posts.
  2. Use 1×3 plank boards to make the skirt boards. The skirt is the wood overhang that spans the length between the legs and holds the tabletop up. To determine the size of the skirt pieces, measure the length and width of the door (tabletop), then subtract the thickness of the posts (legs), then subtract  another 2 inches to give the tabletop a 1-inch overhang on all sides.
  3. Drill three pocket holes on the inside ends of skirt boards. This is where you will attach the skirt to the posts.
  4. Drill single pocket holes along the inside of the skirt board spaced about a foot apart. These will be used to attach the skirt boards to the underside of the tabletop.
  5. Assemble the table base by screwing the legs to the skirt through the side pocket holes.
  6. Sand, prime and paint the table base. Let it dry completely.
  7. Attach the table base to the top, then screw through the single pocket holes on the inside of the skirt boards.
  8. Last, lay the beveled glass on top of the door.

On the flipside, if you’ve recently had an All-Weather door installed in your Kansas City home and don’t want to reuse your old one, we will dispose of it for you free of charge. Call us today at 913-262-4380 to install your new doors.

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