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Top 3 Things to Consider Before Window Replacement

Window replacement is a big deal. First of all, no matter who you go with, it’s a big investment. Secondly, it’s going to be permanent. Once they are installed, you will have them for as long as you live in that home. That could be decades, but most likely, at the very least, years. So it’s worth spending a little extra time and research before deciding who will install them and what kind of windows you want installed. The three biggest considerations can be summarized as when, what, and who.

1. When Is the Best Time of Year for Window Installation in Kansas City?

Most people think  of window replacement too late. When the weather starts to get cool and the winds start pushing that cold air through the leaky windows into their homes, they think, “Oh, yeah. These windows are terrible. We should have them replaced.” We can definitely replace windows in the winter, but we can’t keep all the cold air out. The best time to have windows installed is late spring and early fall when temperatures in Kansas City are the most moderate. 

It is worth remembering that in addition to weather conditions, the selection of materials and availability, will also play a role in scheduling, so don’t put it off if you want it done in a timely manner. Spring and fall are the busiest times for window replacement companies because the weather is ideal. 

2. What Kind of Windows Should I Choose? 

Once the decision has been made to replace your windows, you have to decide what kind of windows you want. There are two important qualities to look for:

Energy Efficiency
One of the most important features of a window is its energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows guarantee less heat loss, which means lower heating bills. The heat transfer coefficient (U-value) determines the thermal insulation of a window –  the lower it is, the more thermally insulating the window, so look for a low U-value when comparing.

Acoustic Insulation
The second thing you should consider when choosing windows is acoustic insulation. Your walls and windows are the barrier between you and the outside world with all of its wind-blowing, horn-honking, and dog barking revelry. By choosing good quality products, you can muffle the sounds coming from the outside. Soundproofing is determined by the Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC) scale, where the higher the STC, the better the unit is at blocking sound, so look for a high STC when comparing.

3. Which Company Should I Choose for Window Installation?

You can buy the best and most expensive windows on the market, but if the installation  company doesn’t do the job right, your windows won’t give you what you paid for. In fact, the company you hire is more important than the type of window you buy, so do your homework and choose very carefully. Price alone is not the only thing to consider. Look at customer testimonials, reviews online, and company guarantees/warranties. Also look at how long have they been in business and how long they have been in the market? In addition, you can ask to see the company’s certificates to make sure they are licensed, insured, and up to date. 

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