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6 Steps to Button Up Your Home for Fall

With the changing leaves comes a change in season as well. Before winter’s chill sets into the Kansas City metro area, make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row. Taking a few preventative steps now towards
winterizing your home can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle later on down the road.Fix Drafty Windows and Doors

Take Care of Leaky Windows & Doors

Take these extra steps to keep your home more comfortable and your energy bills lower this winter. Check your windows and exterior doors for air leaks near the edges and frames. Put your hand an inch or two away from your window or door near edges and feel around for a draft of wind. If you find any leaks, use caulk to seal them up. You can call a window and door expert from All-Weather to come out to your house and test the energy efficiency of your windows and doors for a more thorough evaluation. If you’ve been on the fence about replacing any windows or doors, now is also the time the bite the bullet while the weather is still nice out.

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Clear Out the Gutters

All the foliage is beautiful this this time of year, but it can get stuck in some hard to reach places when it falls for the season, like in your gutters. If you don’t already have gutter protectors, now is the time to clean out leaves and debris. Leaves and other debris can clog your gutters, causing water damage to your roof, dislodging  gutters, and creating ice dams in the winter that can be downright dangerous.

Winterize Outdoor Faucets

You’re probably watering your lawn less and less now, but pretty soon it will be time to leave it be for the season. At that point it’s important to drain your outdoor faucets and hoses of all water and disconnect them for the season. If the water supply is kept on, you could risk frozen water still in the system bursting some of your pipes, which can be a costly repair.

Clean Out the Chimney

Make an appointment  to get your chimney cleaned before your start using your fireplace again this season. This will ensure that your chimney is clear of any debris that might have gathered in the flue since last winter. Animals can build nests and soot can build up over time. These can  become a potential fire and smoke hazard if left uncleared and clogging your chimney.

Test Smoke Detectors

You should always test your smoke detector twice a year, and the fall should be one of those times. When the holiday season gets here you’ll have all types of potential fire hazards, christmas trees and lights strung up, the oven baking, a fire in the fireplace, the list goes on. Make sure your smoke  detector has full batteries and is working correctly leading into this busy time. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Get a Furnace Tune-Up

Now is also a great time to get a furnace tune-up to ensure a more comfortable season. Furnace tune-ups keep your system working efficiently, which helps keep your heating bills lower, and helps decrease the likelihood of breakdowns when you’ll need your furnace the most this winter.

Call All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding today at 913-262-4380  to help you prepare your home for the cold season in Kansas City.

5 Ways to Reuse Old Windows

Have you recently replaced your old drafty windows with new energy-efficient windows just in time for the cooler season? If so you’re one smart cookie, but you don’t have to throw away your old windows, you can recycle them! We don’t mean in a compost pile. We mean, there are several ways you can reuse old windows that can add charm to your home.

Reuse old windowCreate a Unique Chalkboard

Use your old windows, panes and all, in new and creative ways that you can use to add a little pizzaz to your house. Try using chalkboard paint to paint over the glass in between panes. Hang the old window in your office, kitchen or foyer and use as a place to leave notes or reminders.

Window Coffee TableShadowbox Coffee Table

Another option is adding hinges to one side and attaching it to an old dresser drawer and adding legs to create your very own shadow box coffee table! You can use it as a way to creatively display items, while also using it as storage.

Replace Old WindowsDIY Picture Frame

Use double sided disappearing tape to place pictures in different grid panes of an old window. Then hang it for a rustic shabby-chic display.

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Recycle Old Window FramesFramed Mirror

Replace the glass in the old window frame with a custom fit mirror for an unexpected  decoration. This unique look is a great way to also bring more light into a room. Reflective objects disperse light, which is great in rooms with fewer windows.

Use Old Windows GardenGreenhouse

If you’ve got a green thumb, you’ll love this one. Use hinges to attach the old window to a plywood box so that it opens on one side. Then add soil and plant herbs or vegetables that grow in the winter. The window will allow your plants and herbs to get much needed sunlight, while also shielding them from the harsh wind and snow.

If you’re going to be replacing your windows soon, these are some great ways to recycle. But many of these ideas require some DIY. If DIY projects aren’t for you, All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding can also dispose of your old windows for you, free of charge. No worries. Call us today at 913-962-4380 .

All-Weather Helps Homeowners In Energy Savings: Project Recap

Window Replacement Project KCWhen it comes to windows, doors and siding in Kansas City, All-Weather has you covered. Each one of our projects is carefully handled from the time the homeowner asks for an estimate to the time of its completion. Our customers love the work we do, and we love to do great work for our customers. We also like showing off the work we do for our customers. Here’s a recent project we wrapped up for a customer in Leawood.

What We Replaced

The homeowners had owned the house for more than 10 years and have been living with the same windows that were original to the 17-year-old home. They were starting to become drafty and inefficient. All-Weather’s team replaced 14 windows in the back and a sliding glass door with products from our Andersen 400 Series.

How the Project Changed Their Home

Their old windows had become drafty over the years, which had really affected the comfort level of their home as well as their heating and cooling bills year round. With their new Anderson replacement windows installed, the homeowners house has become significantly more energy efficient. Drafts are kept at bay, allowing the home to feel cooler in the summer, and warmer in the fall.

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In Their Own Words

We were very happy to serve our customers needs, and we are so happy the project has been such a success for them. Here’s what the homeowners had to say about their experience working with the All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding team, “They were very professional, considerate and nice to work with…from the owner to salespeople to installers. They always cleaned up every day.”

If you’re interested in replacing your old, drafty windows with newer energy efficient ones, call the window and door replacement experts at All-Weather today at 913-262-4380.

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