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Andersen Double-Hung Replacement Windows

andersen double hung window replacement and install kansas city

  • Energy efficient
  • Dual-layer, compressible bulb weatherstripping seals out dust, wind and water
  • Variety of hardware styles and finishes
  • Custom sizing available on replacement versions
  • Tilting sash allows for easy cleaning

Advantages of Double-Hung Replacement Windows:

Versatile – Double-hung windows are compatible with most home styles and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Easy to Clean – Double hung windows have tilt-out upper and lower sashes (the part of the window that holds the glass) which makes the windows very easy to clean from inside your home. Energy Efficient – Andersen double hung windows are energy efficient, Air Conditioner and Screen Compatible – Unlike casement windows, double-hung windows slide up and down instead of cranking out or sliding to the side, so they can hold AC units safely and screens can be added and removed when needed.

The Most Popular Replacement Window in Kansas City

Double-hung windows are not only the most popular type of window in Kansas City, they’re the most popular type of window in the U.S. Double-hung replacement windows have two sashes in a single frame that can slide up or down. They tend to go with most architectural styles and offer several advantages over other types of windows. What most homeowners love the most about double hung windows is that you can tilt both sashes in for easy cleaning. No more ladders or dangerous heights to deal with. You can also open the top and bottom at the same time for better ventilation.

Because both sashes remain flush with the wall while the window is open, they are a good choice for walls adjacent to patios, decks and walkways where you wouldn’t want a window that swings outward to impede traffic. Andersen double-hung windows come in our most popular sizes and give you our most requested options, along with our renowned Owner-2-Owner® warranty.

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