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Why It Pays to Hire an Andersen Certified Installer

Andersen Windows and Doors is not a company that merely rests on the high quality of our products.

We also operate a Certified Installer program so that our windows and doors are installed with a caliber of expertise that matches the high standard set for our products and reputation.

This is why All-Weather Windows, Doors & Siding is proud to be an Andersen Certified Installer!

What Does It Mean to Be an Andersen Certified Installer?

As Andersen Certified Installers, every one of our installation professionals has gone through rigorous, hands-on training for installing Andersen windows and patio doors. During this training, each installer must successfully demonstrate proper installation of Andersen products.

On top of demonstrating technique, to become certified, installers must also subject their first training installation to Andersen’s innovative water test, ensuring that they know how to seal windows and doors properly and keep water out of your home.

Our installers have also received a personal tour of Andersen’s Research, Innovation and Development facility, empowering them to communicate intelligently about what makes Andersen windows and doors the superior choice. Furthermore, Andersen continues to educate the All-Weather team about the latest information regarding Andersen products, even long after having gone through the certification process.

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What Does This Mean for You?

So what does all of this mean for homeowners? In a single word: confidence.

We want you to feel confident about not only what is going to be installed in your home but also how it will be installed. The certification of our installers means you can  trust us to install windows or doors in your home.

Our expertise means you can feel free to ask our installers any questions on site, because their education puts them in the position to answer your questions in the way that Andersen would want them answered: correctly and with insight. More than that, because our installers are certified, Andersen offers a two-year limited warranty that covers the installation of your Andersen doors or windows.

Again, all of this comes back to that single word: confidence. Because of our training, you can trust us to install a premium product with the highest level of knowledge and care.

Looking to learn more about All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding’s team? Check out our story.

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