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The Early Bird Gets the Worm – Find Out If Your Home is Ready for Spring

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Winter in the Midwest can take a toll on your home. Checking your house every spring is necessary to keep the damage to a minimum. The team at All-Weather has put together this simple checklist to make sure your home is ready for spring:

Clear Out Your Gutters & Downspouts

Debris can wreak havoc on your home, especially if your home includes a basement. Pine needles, leaves and other objects can clog your gutters, causing overflow and possible roof problems. Overflowing gutters can cause leaks and flooding in your basement as well.

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Check Roof for Winter Damage

Cold weather brings multiple harsh elements that can severely damage your home, and sometimes damage to your roof can be out of sight and out of mind. Winds can cause shingles to become loose and fly off. Snow and ice may create expansion that could lift the shingles up or loosen them, so be sure to evaluate your roof in the spring to make sure there are no “hidden” issues.

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Clean Your Chimney

The Chimney Safety Institute of America states, “Creosote is highly combustible. If it builds up in sufficient quantities – and the internal flue temperature is high enough – the result could be a chimney fire.” Get ahead of this issue by having your chimney inspected by a professional to ensure safety and proper working condition.

Inspect Your Siding

No matter what kind of siding you have (wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc.) cleaning your siding will help to maintain its beauty. You should check seasonally for any damage that could cause leakage into your home. All-Weather proudly offers Modern Resin Siding by SmartSide, which is specifically designed to be weather resistant while also fighting against decay, fungi, and termites.

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Check Your HVAC Unit

You should always enlist a professional for this job. Repairing any potential problems now can save you money later. It could also keep you from calling a repairman during hours that double in price like nights and weekends.

Check Your Entry & Patio Doors

Are your doors safe and energy efficient? Time to find out! If you have issues with any doors not functioning properly, now is the perfect time to replace them with energy-efficient doors. The savings from your utility bills will make it worthwhile.

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Maximize Your Windows

Windows and screens today are so much more than simply a barrier to keep the elements at bay. Replacement windows can protect against harmful UV rays and offer low maintenance. If you discover that any of your windows are allowing too much airflow to sneak through, or some of your screens are damaged, spring is the perfect time to replace those energy wasters with energy-efficient windows.

Call All-Weather in Kansas City to have your home inspected and repaired. You can even schedule your appointment online! Nothing beats knowing a professional will be there to help you prevent further damage to your home.

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