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Doug Bennett General Manager with All Weather

Ask Doug Bennett: Why are your prices not the lowest?

This is a frequently asked question we get at All-Weather when customers are meeting with our associates or calling us in our showrooms. We understand that you’re looking for the best deal possible, but price isn’t the only factor when it comes to a great deal. Let us explain why our prices are higher than some of our competitors.

We offer only Quality Products

At All-Weather Windows, Doors & Siding, we don’t sell just any brand or product. They have to align with our standards. And our standards are very high because we want to help you install products with great value. The windows, doors, and siding products we sell are made to last. They shouldn’t break after a year or two. That’s why we offer great warranties on our products, too.

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At All-Weather, It Is Repeat Business

Repeat business. At All-Weather, this is one of the components of our business that we pride ourselves on. Since 1986, we have had the pleasure of working with over 40,000 Kansas City customers, one third of whom have returned to us as repeat customers. So, just why do people keep coming back to All-Weather? Hear from a few of our customers who recently used our window, door, insulation, or siding service.

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KC Windows installation

Why KC Homeowners should check out our Showroom before making a purchase

Building a new home, or remodeling your current home means making a lot of decisions. Don’t you want to be confident in those decisions? You already know that All-Weather Windows, Doors & Siding has the best deals around and is dedicated to providing you with only the most superior quality products for your home. But before you make a final decision about which products to use in your home, we encourage you to come down to one of our showrooms in Mission, KS or Kansas City, MO in the Northland.

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Door Company in KCMO

Expect to Save when you replace your windows with All-Weather

When replacing your windows, you will be doing a lot more for your home than just updating its style. New windows can actually save you money in several ways. Here’s an idea of what you can expect when you install new replacement windows from All-Weather Windows, Doors & Siding.


Old windows really start to show their age when your energy bills start hiking up. Uneven frames, cracked glass, and broken seals can all leave you with a drafty home that is literally sucking money from your wallet. By replacing them with new energy efficient windows though, you can start saving more on your energy bills. Older homes with leaky single pane windows can expect to see a 20-25% savings, and newer homes can expect to see around 10-15% savings.

This number could be greater if your existing windows were not installed properly when the home was built. Today’s energy-smart  windows will also have Low E glass options that will actually reflect heat out of your home in the Summer, and keep it in your home in the Winter, keeping the electric and gas bills down. Using Low E glass will also block the harmful UV from the sun’s rays that causes expensive damage by fading flooring, window treatments, and household furnishings.

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How a Screen Door Repair turned into what we know as All-Weather Windows, Doors & Siding

The year was 1985. Kim and Oanh Blake found themselves venturing into what was then a small store called All-Weather Window and Door to repair a torn patio screen. This Mission store with the iconic yellow umbrella was full of bicycles, treasure chests, and other miscellaneous goodies. “Kim and I did not know if it was a window and door store when we walked in,” Oanh recalls.

Upon striking up a conversation with the owner Roger, Kim and Oanh discovered that he was looking to sell the business. Kim had some experience working in the industry part-time while he attended college. Come February of 1996, Kim and Oanh were officially the new owners of the yellow umbrella window and door company.

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Spring Window Maintenance

With spring right around the corner in Kansas City, it’s time to get windows prepped and ready for a summer of use. To maximize the life of your windows and your enjoyment of the beautiful weather, follow these simple steps:

1) Wash exteriors thoroughly from top to bottom. A winter’s worth of grime will cut down on your exposure to the sunlight. Be sure to wash the sash and window casing as well. To wash like a pro, take it from Brent Weingard, owner of Expert Window Cleaners in New York and avoid the newspaper, spray cleaners, and rubbing. He says “You’re just moving dirt around from one spot to another and putting a static charge on the glass, which attracts dust and dirt.” To find out how to get a spotless exterior wash, read Brent’s step by step instructions:,,20364019,00.html

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