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3 Reasons it is Beneficial to Install New Windows During the Winter

When it comes to windows, cold weather installation seems impractical. Why would someone ever change their windows in the wintertime? Won’t the freezing cold winter air make its way into your home?  

It’s an understandable concern. Most homeowners we speak with are hesitant about conducting a home improvement project in the middle of winter. You too might hesitate to install new windows in frigid temperatures. But like them, you may be surprised when we tell you that cold weather installation is just as, if not more, beneficial than a springtime or fall project. Here’s why:

You save money. 

Did you know the majority of homeowners experience their highest energy bills during winter? That’s because old, drafty windows let cold weather seep into the home, making HVAC systems work even harder and making energy bills even higher. However, Window World windows create an air-tight barrier between the elements and the interior of your home to keep cold air out and warm air in. This will ultimately minimize energy costs and save you money!

We have a more flexible schedule. 

In the colder months, we have a more open schedule. That means you’ll typically have more flexibility when scheduling your in-home estimate and installation dates, allowing for faster turnaround times.

You get immediate comfort. 

One of the main reasons homeowners shy away from cold weather installation is of course cold weather. But in reality, our cold weather installation practices ensure your home is completely sealed off from winter temperatures. We use a technique called 1-for-1 installation, which means we replace one window at a time to minimize exposure. We also install floor-to-ceiling plastic barriers around the work area to fully seal and isolate the work perimeter. Our installation teams are respectful, considerate and extremely detailed, and they’ll always keep your home as clean and calm as possible. You’ll hardly know we’re there!

Don’t Fear The Weather!

Our message to you is do not fear cold weather installation; in fact, winter in many ways can be the ideal season to replace your home’s windows! Contact an All-Weather Windows, Doors, and Siding of the Kansas City Metro installation specialist today to schedule your free in-home estimate!

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