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Buying Windows – Why Price Shouldn’t Be the Main Factor (Testimonial)

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Window wall in great room after replacement.


When making a larger purchase like windows or siding, it’s tempting to think that cost should be your main determining factor. Let’s face it, these are larger purchases than the ones you make in a normal year and can be challenging to fit into your budget. We wanted to share the story of an Overland Park couple who have purchased replacement windows twice for their home. They were willing to share what they learned.

“Our first window purchase was back in 2010. Our house was only about ten years old, but we noticed that the builder-grade windows were drafty. My computer sat in my bedroom right next to our bay window and I could feel the cold air sneaking in while I worked. My mouse hand was always freezing! Besides being uncomfortable, I knew we were losing a lot of energy as well. We decided to replace all of our double-hung windows on the first floor. 

I checked with three companies in town and decided to go with the best price. The salesman was convincing and the product was good. I figured, “Why pay those overinflated prices?” They installed eight windows total. There was a little trouble with the double window in the dining room when they went to install it. Apparently, they had ordered the wrong size. The salesman assured me they would be able to make it work and all was fine. Fast forward about a year and I noticed that the wood frame around that window was swelling and there were signs of water leaking on my carpet as well. My husband examined the window and discovered that they had forgotten to caulk it along the very top and that’s where the water was coming in. Luckily, the damage was minor and my husband was able to fix it. 

So in 2019, when we noticed that the large window wall in the great room (original windows) was showing signs of wood rot, it was time to go window shopping again. I called three companies and this time, I based my decision on how long they had been in business, what kind of reputation they had and, I‘m not going to lie, price still factored in. I chose All-Weather Windows, Doors & Siding this time. 

The thing I liked about All-Weather was that they talked about the different options I had while the other two companies just gave me a price and never mentioned how the windows would look and never gave me any other options. This window wall is the main focus of our home when you walk in the front door. I wanted it to look good! All-Weather suggested the windows that would give me the most glass per pane (replacement windows are usually a bit smaller than the original windows because they have to fit inside the existing framework of the original window.) My salesman explained that they were not the cheapest option, but would look the best. 

From my research, I knew All-Weather was also an experienced Andersen installer, so I had confidence that they knew what they were doing. Well, here we are, six years later and I’m thrilled with my windows! The window wall looks fantastic and the five double-hung windows we had replaced upstairs at the same time are doing great too. No leaks…no problems. So my advice is to shop around and don’t just base your decision on the price. Your windows will be in your home for decades. It’s worth the time and effort to find and hire a professional who has been in the industry for a long time. 

I will add that All-Weather was not the cheapest or the highest price. Their bid was right in line with the other two window manufacturers we talked to. But the All-Weather people seemed to take the look of the windows into consideration and even let me come to the showroom to touch and feel the different options. They provided better customer service, and after six years of use, I can confidently say quality, professional installation too.”

K. Huber, Overland Park

So when it’s time to replace your windows, do your homework. Choose a company that has been around for years and has a good reputation. At All-Weather, we have over 30 years of experience and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Our customers are not just a number to us. They’re our lifeblood. We hope you’ll trust us to take care of your window, door, and siding needs. Call us at (913) 648-9589 or come see our showroom at 7710 Shawnee Mission Parkway.

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