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10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Front Door

An entry door is not something you replace very often. You may only purchase one a handful of times in your life, so it makes sense that most people don’t know what to expect with door replacement. What will the company handle and what will you be expected to do? Whether you buy your door from one of the big box stores or a small business in town, make sure you ask these ten questions before you decide to buy. You’ll be so glad you did. Sometimes the cheapest option ends up costing way more than you wanted in time and hassle.  At All-Weather, we take care of everything so all you have to do is enjoy your new front door.

1. Do They Paint the Entry Door? 

This one is huge. You may not realize it, but painting your door is not part of the deal with the big box stores. Sure, they install the door, but that’s it. Now you’re left with a door you have to paint or stain yourself…big hassle! At All-Weather, we can provide factory finishing in many popular colors. We also offer custom painted doors, matched to your paint code. This process is done in a controlled environment and avoids the mess and inconvenience of painting at your home.

2. Can I See What It Will Look Like on my House before I Buy It?

That would be ideal when you’re choosing the door, but unfortunately, not many companies offer this service. You just have to guess what your door will look like once installed. It’s a little too late once it’s installed to change your mind. At All-Weather, we have software that can use pictures of the front of your house to show you what it will look like with a new door.

3. Does the Installation Include New Trim?

Many times, when you replace a door, you also want to change the casing (trim around your door). Or sometimes, the trim gets damaged when removing the old door or installing the new door. We install new interior and exterior casing/trim to match your door so it all looks great.

4. What Kind of Warranty Do They Provide?

Most companies warranty the door for a year. Some don’t provide any warranty. At All-Weather, we warranty our installation for five years. Our warranties always beat the competition because our doors are quality doors made to stand the test of time.

 5. Will It Have An Adjustable Threshold?

The threshold is the wood strip on the ground under the door. Many of these are fixed in place and cannot be adjusted. When we install a threshold, it’s adjustable so it can be raised to give a snugger fit against the bottom of the door to reduce drafts and provide better energy savings

6. Will The Door and Frame Be Insulated?

Any opening in your home, door or window, is a potential place for energy to escape. We spray foam insulation around your door and frame to provide an extra barrier against air and water. Not every company takes this extra step.

7. Will They Reinstall my Storm Door?

If you have a storm door, it will have to be removed during installation. Since today’s doors are not as drafty and are much more resistant to the weather, most of our new doors do not require a storm door. We can reinstall your old storm door if you want, help you choose a new one, or even add a retractable screen that you open only when you need it and it stays hidden from view when not in use.

8. Will They Install My Doorbell?

Many doorbell buttons are attached to the door frame. When the frame is removed, so is your doorbell. We typically can replace your doorbell button on the new frame if it was attached to your previous door frame. We will install a replacement if you provide one. If you want to add a new camera doorbell we can coordinate with an electrician to provide this service for you. Other companies may not offer this service.

9. Will They Haul Away Your Old Entry Door?

Many companies replace your old door and leave you with the old one. What the heck do you do with an old door? It’s big and bulky and won’t fit in a garbage container. With some companies, that’s your problem to deal with. All-Weather hauls away your old door and recycles it for you.

10. Will They Install a Peephole or Will That Void the Warranty?

Some people like the peephole a little lower than the standard height. We can install a peephole in your door at your eye level, even if you’re vertically challenged, and we don’t void the warranty like some other companies do.

At All-Weather, you can choose from entry doors by Andersen and ThermaTru.  All of these are quality brands that will last for years. We don’t just specialize in doors and installation, we also specialize in customer service. That’s why more than half of our customers are repeat customers. Because we are a smaller, local company, we can go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. We don’t have corporate telling us what we can and can’t do for our customers. We know what it takes to make you happy and we simply do it.

Replacing your entry door? Call us at (913) 648-9589 or contact us online and let us show you what a difference quality and customer service can make!

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