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How Foggy Windows Can Really Steam Your Wallet

Many homeowners think that the foggy appearance of their windows is simply a result of drastic temperature differences between the inside and outside of their house. While these temperature differences certainly can cause clouding on your glass windows, fogged windows in your home could be a much bigger problem than they appear. The window professionals at All-Weather are breaking down the issues causing your fogged windows and how you can fix them before it’s too late.

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What Causes Fogged Windows?

When the windows in your home fog up, it’s usually a sign that the seals have failed. This is especially true when you see the fogginess occur between the panes of glass in double-paned windows. The fog is condensation, and it happens when the sealing material fails to keep moisture-carrying air out from between the two panes of glass.

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As the seals continue to deteriorate, more and more air passes through the window causing them to be less efficient. You’ll spend more money on energy bills trying to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. If left untreated, permanent window damage can occur, which leads to costly repairs and replacements.

Helpful Hint: Failing seals aren’t necessarily caused by user-error or damage, and not all of your window seals will have the same lifespan. For example, window seals on the sunny side of a home deteriorate quicker than others, due to their constant exposure to the sun’s rays.

How We Can Fix It

At All-Weather we offer custom sized dual paned glass that we can install it into your existing windows. Another possibility would be to upgrade your window glass with energy saving low E glass, tinted glass, or even decorative or privacy glass. This can be done either as an in-home service or in our repair shop.

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Replacing the glass is an easy fix most of the time, however if the frames are rotted, warped or bowed, you might be better off replacing the whole window. If there is wood rot on the sash, where the wood is attached to the glass, we may be able to order and install new sashes. Glass replacement is typically a third or half of the price of the cost for window replacement.

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All-Weather: Your Kansas City Window Expert

If your home’s windows are leaving your vision hazy, don’t keep throwing money out the window! All-Weather can help clear the clouds and keep more money in your wallet. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, we can take care of it all. Our business is rooted in repairs, and we only offer the best products and service for our valued customers.

Contact us today at (913) 262-4380 or schedule an appointment online for the best windows in Kansas City… guaranteed! Don’t forget to keep up with our blog for more helpful tips and tricks for your home.


Finding the Perfect One-of-a-Kind Window for Your Unique Project

Are you looking for a special one-of-a-kind window for a one-of-a-kind project? You know, a tiny window you can tuck under the eaves for that new attic game room or a uniquely beautiful window to highlight your remodeled bath.

Luckily, All-Weather Window, Doors, & Siding has a wide variety of single windows from previous projects that can fit perfectly into your new project. Continue reading for ways you can use these extra-inventory windows and how they’ll save you a whole lot of money.

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Unique Projects That Require Unique Windows







Thinking of adding a special touch to the kids playhouse? Or maybe even to the backyard chicken coop? (See above pictures) If you don’t want to spend much money, but still want a window that is functional and adds charm, considering our selection of single windows at All-Weather is the way to go.

Flexible Choices Means Flexible Pricing

one-of-a-kind-kitchen-window-all-weatherUnfortunately, ordering just one window is often a very expensive, and lengthy, process. It can also be difficult to find unusual shapes or sizes at a price that won’t require a second mortgage! One way to keep your price down is to remain flexible. If you are willing to accept a window for a backyard project that is similar to your home’s windows, but not an exact match, then you can usually save some money.

The same goes when adding windows in a new or remodeled kitchen. Using a variety of windows in a range of sizes and shapes will not only save money, but you’ll end up with a beautiful kitchen that’s uniquely yours. The problem is finding a source that can provide the variety of quality, new windows you want at a price that won’t break the bank.

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The Solution to Your Problem

If it’s a single purpose window you need, look no further than All-Weather’s showroom. We have a wide variety of high-quality, brand new windows for sale at a fraction of their original price. Some are typical windows in basic sizes and others are more unique in size and style. They are undamaged, just leftover from previous projects in which we had no use for them. Stop by our showroom today and see them for yourself!

We would love to help with your one-of-a-kind window needs. Give us a call at (913) 262-4380 or stop by our showroom today and we would be happy to assist you!


Wood Rot: Is This Silent Killer Ruining Your Windows?

window-wood-rotIt’s the silent killer lurking in many homes and it’s causing serious damage. If you’ve ever owned a home, chances are you’ve heard of wood rot, but hopefully you’ve never seen its full effects.

All-Weather Window, Doors, & Siding has seen it all when it comes to wood rot, which is why we want to help you prevent it from destroying your home. Keep reading for the need-to-knows on wood rot and how you can keep this silent killer from entering your home.

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What Is Wood Rot?

Wood rot is caused by fungi attacking wood that has been wet at some time. Moisture is needed to initiate the rotting process, and it’s also needed to sustain it. Generally, the fungi needs wood with at least 20% moisture content to grow. Wood rot experts explain that dry wood doesn’t rot, but once wood is wet you will always be at risk for wood rot.

How to Spot Wood Rot

There are two different types of wood rot: brown rot and white rot. Brown rot typically has a cubical appearance and looks similar to a mud puddle that has dried and cracked. Also, as its name implies, it’s brown – usually darker than the original wood color. The wood can become dry and powdery in advanced cases this is sometimes referred to as “dry rot”.

White rot is lighter in color (dirty white or grayish to yellowish) and looks and feels spongy or fibrous. Sometimes wood rot can grow undetected for a long time. At other times, it develops ‘fruiting bodies’ and becomes more noticeable. These fruiting bodies give the wood a crusty or scabby appearance.

Is Wood Rot Mold?

Although they grow under similar moisture conditions, rot, mold, and mildew are all different lifeforms. Mold and mildew don’t actually damage wood, but they do indicate the presence of moisture. They can also increase the wood’s ability to absorb moisture, which makes it more likely to provide the correct growing conditions for rot.

Wood rot feeds off damp wood using minute feeder threads called “hyphae”. This feedings process sucks nutrients, and thus strength, from the wood. This causes the wood to gradually decompose in place. Wood rot if so insidious that it can go unnoticed until it has done a tremendous amount of irreversible damage.

How Expensive Is Fixing a Window with Wood Rot?

The cost of repairs depends on how extensive the damage is. You cannot allow the replacement wood to come in contact with the old, rot-infested wood because it can contaminate the new wood. In rare cases, if you catch the wood rot early enough, it might be possible to repair the window and its frame.

The best way to find out is to hire a window professional to evaluate the situation and decide the best course of action. In many cases, it’s probably better to replace the window rather than try to repair it. This is particularly true with wood-framed windows.

How to Avoid & Prevent Wood Rot?

In order for wood rot to grow, it needs four things:

  • Moisture (at least 20% moisture content)
  • Food in the form of the carbohydrates found in wood (cellulose and lignin)
  • Oxygen
  • Favorable temperatures (40-100 degrees Fahrenheit)

It’s pretty difficult to change the oxygen and temperature and still have a house that’s livable. And most homes include at least some wood. That means controlling moisture is the only way you will have a chance at preventing wood rot damage in your home. Overall, the most important step in preventing wood rot is to find the source of the moisture and eliminate it.


Are your windows crumbling at the seams? Wood rot could be your culprit. Give All-Weather a call at (913) 262-4380 or schedule your appointment online today! We’d be happy to assist you with all of your window needs.


7 Window Safety Tips That Could Potentially Save Your Life

According to the Safe Kids Worldwide 2015 Report to the Nation, “about eight children under age 5 die each year from falling out a window, and more than 3,300 are injured seriously enough to go to the hospital.” Before a preventable tragedy occurs on your watch, please consider these window safety tips from the professionals at All-Weather.


1. Keep Your Windows Locked

If there are children, or vulnerable adults, living in your house, it is important to keep windows closed and locked unless you are in the same room and very careful.  If you have locks that don’t work or are easy to unlock, consider replacing or updating them.

Have windows that need fixing? Trust the Kansas City window experts at All-Weather

2. A Tip for Double-Hung Windows

If you have a double-hung window on an upper floor, open the top sash if you need ventilation and leave the bottom sash closed. This way you can still allow a cool breeze into your home, without risking the safety of those living in it.

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3. Don’t Place Furniture Near Windows

Children are known for climbing all over your furniture, and by placing that furniture near windows, you are encouraging them to explore potentially dangerous aspects of your home like the windows. Giving children, or even pets, the ability to reach windows may lead to injury or worse.

4. Don’t Rely on Your Screens.

Screens keep bugs out, but won’t keep children in. Don’t rely heavily on a window screen to keep your child safe, as these can tear and allow things to fall through. Additionally, the weight of a small child can push the entire screen out of the frame.

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5. Consider Installing ASTM Approved Hardware

If you have children, consider installing ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) approved hardware. Hardware approved by the ASTM only allows windows to open a few inches, keeping your children safe and your mind at ease.

6. Windows Painted Shut? Fix Them ASAP

Windows that are painted shut not only keep you from enjoying a breeze in your home, they can also be an extremely dangerous fire hazard. This is common in a lot of older homes, so it is important to check your windows and make sure they are all able to open in case of a fire.

7. Avoid a Break-In

Window safety will ward off burglars. Being aware of these window safety tips will prevent burglars from breaking into your home. Windows are an easy access point for burglars and other unwanted guests, and if your windows are broken, unlocked, or left open, you are essentially inviting them in.

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We put your family’s safety first. If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, call the professionals at All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding for all of your window needs at (913) 262-4380.


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