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Make an Entrance with Therma-Tru’s Pulse Series Entry Doors

red modern pulse series entry door

Does your home need a new entry doors in Kansas City this summer? If you’ve been coming home to the same front door for years, you might be surprised at how others see your entry. Does it suit the style of your home? Does it add character or enhance your home’s best architectural features? If it doesn’t, maybe it’s time for that new front door!

Looking for a stand out entry door? Look no further than All-Weather Window, Doors & Siding.

Whether your home is cool and contemporary, a mid-century modern treasure, or a cozy cottage, there’s an entry door that’s perfect for your unique home.

Bright Colors for Every Home

lime green therma tru pulse series entry doorSome people want their entry to blend into the rest of their home’s exterior while others want a front door that ‘pops’ with color. A colorful door can be perfect for reflecting the personality of the family inside.

If your home has a fairly neutral exterior, choosing a door color like lime green or sunny yellow will bring some interest to the front of your home while also reflecting your lively family’s personality. Colorful front doors work particularly well with the already sometimes quirky cottage feel.

Glass & Metal for a Modern Touch

modern grey pulse series entry door

Glass and metal doors nicely complement the architecture of many mid-century modern and contemporary homes. Their cool, clean aesthetic pair perfectly with the cool, clean lines of these architectural styles. Stained wood doors are also popular choices for the warmth they add to contemporary homes.  

Make an Entrance with Therma-Tru’s Pulse Series

therma tru pulse series entry doors all-weather kansas city

Now you can enjoy the ‘modern art’ look of these doors without the installation woes (some are extremely heavy!) or the maintenance issues of real wood. All-Weather offers Therma-Tru Pulse Series doors which have the same beautiful look in easier-to-care-for fiberglass.

Choose a door from this collection inspired by nature and made using AccuGrain technology for a door that gives you the same warmth as real wood without the rotting and warping issues. And for a more modern feel, choose the smooth fiberglass finish instead.

Therma-Tru’s Pulse Series has something for every bold personality, and the option of customization to make sure you stand out from the rest! Use this interactive tool to design the perfect front door for your new entry. It even has options for choosing a paintable door so you can still have that ‘pop’ of color!

If you’ve decided to update your entry door, contact us. We’re celebrating our 30th anniversary this year and would love to add you to our ever-growing list of satisfied customers!  

Windows 101: 5 Types of Windows and Their Pros & Cons



Our windows give us light, air and warmth, and we look out of them each and every day, but how often do you really look at them? To help guide you through this tutorial, the team at All-Weather Window & Doors will begin with the basic parts of the window so you know what we are referring to.

For example, on a basic, single hung window, the frame provides the structure for the window. The sash is the moving part, the piece you slide to open the window. The sill is the horizontal piece along the bottom of the frame. The vertical sides of the frame are the jambs. The head is the top horizontal piece on the frame.

There are, of course, an infinite number of variations on parts, hardware, glass, decorative grills, etc. A window professional will be able to explain and advise you on these important details.


Common Types of Windows

  • Double hung windows have upper and lower sashes so you can open the top and the bottom sash. These often tilt out, making them easy to clean.
  • A single hung window looks similar to a double hung, but only the lower sash opens.
  • Sliding windows have one or more panels that move horizontally along upper and lower tracks. This allows you to open up to half the window. (Sliding windows are like miniature sliding doors.)
  • Casement windows are hinged on the side and crank open, allowing excellent ventilation.
  • Accent windows are available in a rectangular design or other shapes. They add interest, but are usually fixed in place and don’t open.


The Most Common Window Problems

Like many things, most of us don’t really pay attention to our windows until there is a problem, such as these common window problems encountered by many homeowners:

  • You can’t open or close a window. If your windows are not stuck due to rusty hardware or having been painted shut, you may have a warped window frame. If that is the case, you should call a professional to avoid breaking the glass and possibly hurting yourself.
  • Another common problem is leaky or drafty windows. This is often caused by old windows that don’t fit properly. You may wish to consider energy-efficient windows with better insulation.
  • Condensation on your windows may signal a breakdown of the seals on your double or triple pane windows. Moisture problems can lead to mold issues, so you should seek advice as soon as possible.

If you are considering replacing windows, a window professional can help you decide what is right for your home and your budget.

The experienced and certified professionals at All-Weather have the skills, tools, and equipment to get the job done right. We know exactly what materials to use and how to achieve a precise fit. We also assess factors such as window location, roofing, and rain gutters that might affect window performance.


For more information on how we can address all of your window needs, contact us today. And for more expert advice, check out our blog.


Doggy Doors – Why DIY May Be Barking Up the Wrong Tree

dog in doggy doorA doggy door is a simple way to let your dog have access to your yard to improve his or her house training skills and enjoy being out in the sunshine. However, doggy doors require more than just a quick installation before enjoying it. Check out these tips from All-Weather on what you need to know before choosing and installing a doggy door.

Safety First

A wide variety of dog doors include options that lock or open only for dogs wearing an electronic collar. These add increased safety to your home, and keep wandering wildlife (possums, raccoons, etc) out, while also allowing Fido to roam freely. Make sure to choose doors sized precisely to fit your dog, and check out energy-efficient weatherized options as well.


When deciding to install a dog door, the first choice you should make is where to install it. A variety of doggy door kits install in the bottom of an exterior door, a wall or even a screen. Large panels allow you to create a doggy door in your sliding patio door. You will find dog doors to fit nearly any type of location, but be sure to ask a Kansas City entry door professional which doggy door is right for your existing door.

Installing a dog door is a project that requires woodworking skills and precise cutwork on your doors. Some dog door installations require even more complex work than others. Adding a dog door to a wall requires woodworking skills, and it is a task that is difficult for the average homeowner to accomplish. Hiring a professional is the best way to achieve a finished look and an efficient installation process.

Is My Door Ideal for a Doggy Door?

Most different types of wooden doors are ideal for including a dog door. Most dog door kits include a cutting template and all the hardware you will need for professional installation. Metal doors are also appropriate for dog doors, but having a hole cut in this type of door is more difficult, as it requires a metal saw blade. Dog doors cannot be added to very thin doors, hollow-core doors or glass doors.

Risks of Installing a Doggy Door

Risks of installing a dog door include the opportunity for other neighborhood pets or wildlife to access your home along with large dog doors inviting the opportunity for burglars to easily enter your home.

Choosing a locking or electronic door will eliminate this issue, as only your dog will be able to trigger the door to open. If you plan to sell your home, a dog door could deter potential home purchasers; however, a high-quality locking door closes tightly if no dog is in the home.

Dog doors also may create drafts or allow cold or hot air to enter your home; however, high-quality insulated doors that have a two-flap system will eliminate this problem and close securely. Two-flap systems that install in the wall are effective, as the wide air lock that forms between the two flaps serves as an insulative space.

Avoid a DIY Doggy Door disaster and contact the professionals at All-Weather today! And for more tips and tricks for homeowners, check out our blog.

Tips to Keep Small Critters from Destroying Your Screens

Have you been wondering how to keep kids, pets, and bugs from destroying the screens in your doors and windows? You are not alone. After having a beautiful new door installed, the last thing you want to look at is gooey bug guts, and holes in your screens. Here are a few tricks the team at All-Weather want to share that will keep your screens clean and looking like new.

Bye Bye Bugs


Bugs stuck to your screens, and even worse bug guts, are just plain gross! Try these suggestions to minimize unwanted embellishments on your screens:

  • Grow insect repelling plants near windows and doors. A few lovely and fragrant selections are Rosemary, Lemongrass, Citronella-scented Geraniums, and Marigolds. As a bonus, you can use the Rosemary and Lemongrass in your cooking.
  • Turn the lights off. Turn porch lights on only when needed. Many night-time insects are attracted to the light and will use your screens as a landing pad. Be careful too, of leaving lights on inside. When it is dark outside, and inside lights beckon, bugs will flock to your screens.
  • Dab essential oils on your door frames, window frames and screens to keep the bugs away. Try citronella, tea tree, rosemary, lavender, clove, peppermint, or combine two or more, until you find what works best for you.


For Curious Kids & Playful Pets


Kids and pets are also enemies of screens. Here are a few things that can help keep your screens intact and looking beautiful even when toddlers, kittens, and puppies, are on the attack.

  • Keep a spray bottle with water handy, to warn away the kitties and pups, (don’t do this to your toddler!). If you see them trying to paw at, or climb a screen, spray the screen with water. The water will deter your pets and should soon train them to keep away.
  • Place a baby gate in front of the screen door. Baby gates are a temporary and moveable solution.
  • Install a screen door saver, like one from Safety First. It is a more permanent solution than a baby gate and protects your screens from kids and pets.
  • Put a favorite scratching post near the door or window your cat has targeted for scratching (bad, kitty!). Her favorite scratcher may lure her away from the screens.

Try these tips and let us know how they worked for you! And, if it’s too little too late for your screen doors and windows, contact us online today or call us at (913) 262-4380 and we’ll take care of them all.

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