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2016 Trends in Window Treatments

The home design game is changing. No more dramatic velvet drapes, or heavy ropes and cords. 2016 is ringing in a new era for window treatments. Since we are in the window installation and replacement business, we are very familiar with the way homeowners like to accent our products. Here are three of the biggest window treatment design trends to look for in 2016.

Natural Material Window ShadesAu-Natural Window Treatments

Natural and organic materials are making a huge comeback in the home design world. With environmentally conscious ideas infiltrating every market, it’s not really much of a surprise to see it pop up in interior design. Look for natural fiber blinds and drapes, like natural wood slats, bamboo roman shades, and crisp, clean white linen drapes.

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Remote Control Shades
Image from Serena Remote Control Shades at Lowes

Smart Shades

Interior design is also having a huge love affair with technology at the moment. From high-tech kitchen appliances, to smart window shades, we are seeing a lot of high-tech window gadgets that can be programmed to automatically adjust to the sunlight by the time of day, or based on your personal preferences. If you’re not too keen on spending a lot of money on these smart shades, there’s a cheaper option on the market that allows you to do the proper adjusting, while still allowing more natural light in. These shades are open at both the top and bottom, and allow you to adjust them to block where the sun’s rays are harshest. This allows for a customized shaded experience, but still keeps your home filled with natural light, allowing you to use less artificial light throughout the day.

Child and Pet Safe Window Treatments
Image from Home Depot

Safer Windows

In the past year, there have been a handful of news stories about young children and pets getting caught in window blind cords. This has spurred many window blind manufacturers to vow to start offering more child and pet-safe options. We are now seeing many of these options debut on the market. These cordless and ropeless versions are also very aesthetically pleasing, with a wide range of color and design choices.

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