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5 Window Upgrades You’ll Love

With All-Weather Window, Doors and Siding, replacement windows are anything but boring. When it comes to replacement windows in Kansas City, we offer many, many options for homeowners. You never have to settle for a plain old basic window. Our Andersen line offers a plethora of choices for you to personalize your windows to match your style. Just to whet your appetite for style, here is a brief taste of some of the choices you get when you install new replacement windows.

Energy Efficiency Saves Money

Not all glass performs the same. The glass in your new replacement windows affects energy efficiency more than any other component. Andersen offers one of the industry’s widest arrays of glass options, enabling you to find the right choice for your home.

Low-E4 SmartSun Glass PhotoLow-E4® SmartSun™ Glass Offers our best overall thermal performance. It gives you the benefits of Low-E4® glass, plus it helps shield your home from the sun’s heat and filters out 95% of harmful UV rays while letting sunlight shine through.


Andersen Low-E4 Glass photoLow-E4® Glass Offers outstanding thermal performance for climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern. Up to 56% more energy efficient than ordinary dual-pane glass.


Andersen Low-E Sun Glass Photo

Low-E4® Sun Glass Offers outstanding thermal performance in southern climates where less solar heat gain is desired. It’s tinted for maximum protection from the effects of intense sunlight while providing all the benefits of Low-E4® glass.


Andersen Dual Pane Glass PhotoDual Pane Glass Dual-pane glass is available for projects where codes allow its use. See local code official for requirements in your area.


Patterned Glass Adds Privacy with a Decorative Flair

Besides type of glass, patterns are another option to consider. Patterned glass is available in any of the performance options, yet adds another layer of personality. Patterned glass still lets light in, but it obscures vision providing privacy with a unique decorative touch. Cascade and Reed patterns are available in horizontal and vertical orientations.

Cascade Patterned Window Glass Obscure Patterned Window Glass Photo




Cascade                                                   Obscure

Fern Patterned Window Glass Photo Reed Patterned Window Glass Photo




Fern                                                           Reed


Add Architectural Style with Window Grilles

Custom Window Grilles Photo
Grilles add personality to your windows plus an architectural touch as well. Andersen 400 Series windows offer a variety of grille patterns to choose from. They can even create custom grille designs. Here are some patterns for casement windows, but grilles are available for other styles of windows too.

Hardware Adds a Touch of Class

Window Hardware Collage









Hardware will affect how your windows look and how they operate. You can choose hardware in a wide array of styles like these pictured here. Andersen offers many different finishes as well including polished, distressed, oil rubbed, antiqued, matte, brushed, satin, and stone in brass, bronze, chrome, nickel, stone, white, and black.

Add Color and Style with Art Glass Windows

Art Glass Window Photo
Add uncommon elegance and a touch of surprise with Andersen art glass window. They are available in a wide variety of patterns classic, artisan, historic and even a Frank Lloyd Wright series. 

Replacement Windows Choices Are Endless

As you can see, at All-Weather Window, Doors, and Siding, the replacement window choices go on and on. Interested in seeing more options? Click the button below to download our guide 112 Ways To Make Your Home’s Windows Stand Out to see dozens of customizable options.

112 Ways to Make Your Windows Stand Out Download

Windows That Add Pizzazz to Your Home

Adding new windows always makes your home look nicer. But which types of windows really make people step back and say wow? We’ve installed replacement windows for years and while our customers are happy with the look, convenience and energy savings, the thing that excites them the most is when a window really makes a difference in their lives. There are several styles that seem to accomplish this whenever we install them.

Architectural Windows Are the Ultimate in Beauty

Architectural windows are windows that have unexpected shapes to them. They can be hexagonal, rounded at the top and many other configurations. The aesthetic effect is breathtaking. Most architectural windows are in visually prominent areas like front rooms, above an entryway, or in a living room or great room. Like bay and bow windows, they let lots of light in as well as provide an expansive view. The shape, however, adds another dimension of elegance. When you decide to upgrade your windows, consider adding a bay, bow, or architectural style window and add some extra pizzazz along with it. We can even transform an entire wall that may have smaller windows or just a couple of windows. Our cut-through installation can create an entire window wall in just about any configuration you can imagine. The blog post below showcases a replacement job on one of our most dramatic window walls.

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Bay Windows Transform a Room

Bay windows are one of the most attention-getting styles we install. Adding a bay window automatically adds drama and elegance to any room. They let lots of light in creating a bright, open, airy feeling. There are many configurations you can choose, including three- and four-window styles. The large center window allows for an uninterrupted view while the side windows can be casement or double hung to allow for ventilation. Visually speaking, a bay window makes the room feel larger, and physically speaking it actually makes the footprint of the room larger as well.

Wrap It Up and Put a Bow on It

Bow windows are very similar to bay windows and deliver basically the same benefits – a light, open, airy feeling as well as a wonderful view to the outdoors. Bow windows are a great alternative to bay windows when you don’t have the space for a bay window. Both styles extend outward, but bow windows don’t extend as far as bay windows. For instance, if you have a window in front of a porch or walkway, a bay window may intrude into the space too far to make it practical, whereas a bow window may fit just fine.

More Ways to Add Style to Your Home With Windows

At All-Weather Window, Doors, and Siding, we’ve installed replacement windows in thousands of homes around Kansas City. Give us a call at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480 and we can fill you in on all of your options for adding beautiful windows to your home. Besides the style you choose, there are other ways to make your windows stand out. For more information, click on the image below to download our white paper “112 Ways to Make Your Home’s Windows Stand Out”.


Jamb Brace: The Front Door Safety Feature So Good, It Changed Building Codes in Kansas City

Home Break in PhotoAt All-Weather Window, Doors, and Siding, we know security is always a priority for our window and door customers. Windows and doors are the weakest part of your home when it comes to safety. The typical front door can be broken through in less than 45 seconds with three or four good kicks from an average sized man. The problem is that the deadbolt device depends on wood for support and wood is not the strongest material. It will split and give if enough force is used. So what can you do to make your front door safer? Meet Jamb Brace the Door Reinforcer®.

We’ve Been Jamb Brace Fans for Almost Two Decades

All-Weather Window & Doors has promoted Jamb Brace since its inception in 1997. We get called by insurance agencies for entry door replacement after home break-ins, so we see a lot of these instances and no matter how strong your door is, it’s only as strong as the wooden frame that surrounds it. Jamb Brace is the only product that makes your door secure.

What Is Jamb Brace?

Jamb Brace is a heavy-duty aluminum insert that is added to your door’s weakest part – the frame. It is completely concealed within the door trim. You can’t tell it’s there just by looking. Developed by veteran homebuilders and supported by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies, the Jamb Brace was designed specifically for homeowners.

Jamb Brace Was Created Right Here in Kansas City

In 1996, a series of home invasions ending in sexual assaults in Overland Park caught the interest of Overland Park police because the assailant kicked in the front doors. Overland Park policeman, Mike Betten, who worked in the crime prevention unit, saw the results firsthand. Betten had no idea how to secure a door with sidelites and received permission from the city council to go to the private sector to enlist some help. Mike approached the HBA and was put in contact with one of the board of directors, Tom O’Malley, who also owned Locks and Pulls. Tom was working on a door project with homebuilder, Ron Olberding, so he approached Ron and his business partner, David Allen, co-creators of the Jamb Brace, to test ways to make exterior doors stronger and more resistant to break-ins. “People spend thousands of dollars on alarm systems and locks, then a burglar kicks in their front door,” Olberding explained. “We knew that securing the frame, door edge and a quality dead bolt were the keys to keeping thieves out.”

The Police Department Was Extremely Impressed

Olberding and Allen worked closely with the Overland Park Police Department, to test the Jamb Brace against dozens of other theft-deterrent systems. The results were so convincing that the police department helped revise city building codes making it mandatory that new homes are fitted with a reinforced doorframe.

Homes Are Now Safer in Kansas City Neighborhoods

Once Overland Park adopted the new building ordinance, many neighboring cities followed suit. Now, Overland Park, Leawood, Shawnee, Lenexa, Olathe, DeSoto, Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley, Kansas City, MO and Oak Grove all require new construction single family and multi-family homes to meet minimum security standards. Jamb Brace is the preferred product to satisfy this ordinance. Also, new replacement doors in older homes must meet the same security standards for which the Jamb Brace is the preferred product as well. Jamb Brace is manufactured right here in Overland Park by Edward Wayne Inc.

Choose Any Door to Install with Jamb Brace

The nice thing about Jamb Brace is that it doesn’t impact the kind of door you buy. The only thing it changes is the door jamb itself so homeowners are free to choose any front door style they like. Security is always a consideration when choosing a front door. All-Weather can retrofit existing doors with Jamb Brace for added security. Or we can install a new door with Jamb Brace.

Take Advantage of Our February Free Jamb Brace Special

Give us a call and take advantage of our February Jamb Brace special. Anyone who purchases a new door in February and mentions this blog post will get a Jamb Brace installed for free. Call us for a free in-home estimate for front door installation including the Jamb Brace at (913) 210-8810 or (816) 673-2480.

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